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Incunabula Books Latin Wordlist: F.

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[F(A)ECULA] : wild chevil Discorides,

[F, ABB.] : N son/daughter; filius/filia, abb. f.;

[FABA, FABAE] : N bean;

[FABA] : -ae, (fem.) bean

[FABA] : broad bean,

[FABA] : broad bean.

[FABELLA, FABELLAE] : N story, fable; play;

[FABELLA] : fable, story, anecdote, tale.

[FABER EST SUAE QUISQUE FORTUNAE. ] : PHRASE Every man is the artisan of his own fortune.

[FABER, FABRA, FABRUM] : ADJ of a craftsman/workman/artisan or his work;

[FABER, FABRI] : N workman, artisan; smith; carpenter;

[FABER] : craftsman, artisan.

[FABER] : skilled, ingenious.

[FABIUS, FABI] : N fabius; (roman gens name); q. fabius maximus cunctator, hero second punic war;

[FABIUS, FABIA, FABIUM] : ADJ fabius, roman gens; q. fabius maximus cunctator, hero of second punic war;

[FABRE] : skillfully, ingeniously.

[FABREFACIO, FABREFACERE, FABREFECI, FABREFACTUS] : V to make or fashion skillfully;

[FABRICA, FABRICAE] : N art, craft;

[FABRICA] : manufacture/ craft, trade, art/ trick, device.

[FABRICA] : manufacture / craft, trade, art / trick, device

[FABRICATOR, FABRICATORIS] : N builder, maker, fashioner;

[FABRICO, FABRICARE, FABRICAVI, FABRICATUS] : V build/construct/fashion/forge/shape; train; get ready (meal); invent/devise;

[FABRICO] : to construct.

[FABRICOR, FABRICARI, -, FABRICATUS SUM] : V build/construct/fashion/forge/shape; train; get ready (meal); invent/devise;

[FABRILIS, FABRILIS, FABRILE] : ADJ of or belonging to a workman; of a metal-worker, carpenter or builder;

[FABRILIS] : workmanlike.

[FABULA, FABULAE] : N story, tale, fable; play, drama; (fabulae! => rubbish!, nonsense!);

[FABULA] : fable, story, tale, play.

[FABULA] : fable.


[FABULOR, FABULARI, -, FABULATUS SUM] : V talk (familiarly), chat, converse; invent a story, make up a fable;

[FABULOSUS, FABULOSA, FABULOSUM] : ADJ storied, fabulous; celebrated in story;

[FACESSO, FACESSERE, FACESSI, FACESSITUS] : V do; perpetrate; go away;

[FACESSO] : to work zealously, do, accomplish.

[FACETIA, FACETIAE] : N wit (pl.), joke;

[FACETUS, FACETA, FACETUM] : ADJ witty, humorous; clever, adept;

[FACIES, FACIEI] : N shape, face, look; presence, appearance; beauty; achievement;

[FACIES] : aspect, appearance, look, condition.

[FACIES] : face, visage, countenance / aspect, appearance, look, condition.

[FACIES] : face, visage, countenance.

[FACILE, FACILIUS, FACILLIME] : ADV easily, readily, without difficulty; generally, often; willingly; heedlessly;

[FACILE] : easily, without difficulty

[FACILE] : easily, without difficulty.

[FACILE] : easily.

[FACILIS, FACILE, FACILIOR -OR -US, FACILLIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ easy, easy to do, without difficulty, ready, quick, good natured, courteous;

[FACILIS] : easy, agreeable, affable, pleasant.

[FACILITAS, FACILITATIS] : N facility; readiness; good nature; levity; courteousness;

[FACILITER] : ADV easily; (cited as example of pedantry by quintilianus);

[FACILIUME] : ADV SUPER easily, readily, without difficulty; generally, often; willingly; heedlessly;

[FACILIUS EST MULTA FACERE QUAM DIU. ] : PHRASE It is easier to do many things than to do one for a long time.

[FACILLIMUS] : easiest, most agreeable, pleasantest

[FACILLIMUS] : easiest, most agreeable, pleasantest.

[FACINA -ORIS] : bad deed, crime, villainy/ deed, action.


[FACINUS, FACINORIS] : N deed; crime; outrage;

[FACIO + INF.] : to bring to pass, to order, to have done.

[FACIO SERVITIUM] : to be in one's service.

[FACIO, FACERE, ADDITIONAL, FORMS] : V do, make; create; acquire; cause, bring about, fashion; compose; accomplish;

[FACIO, FACERE, FECI, FACTUS] : V do, make; create; acquire; cause, bring about, fashion; compose; accomplish;

[FACIO] : (trans.) to make, do, act, perform, cause, bring about.

[FACIO] : to give permission/ to experience, suffer (troubles).

[FACIO] : to sacrifice, suit, help, be of service.

[FACIS] : a bundle, packet.

[FACITO ALIQUID OPERIS, UT TE SEMPER DIABOLUS INVENIAT OCCUPATUM. ] : PHRASE Always do something, so that the devil always finds you occupied.

[FACOIDES] : sea-heath Greek Discorides, p. 143

[FACON] : lentil, pulse Greek Discorides, p. 143

[FACTICIUS] : artificial, man-made.

[FACTIO, FACTIONIS] : N party, faction; partisanship;

[FACTIO] : deed, act, action/ group, party, faction.

[FACTIOSUS, FACTIOSA, FACTIOSUM] : ADJ factious, seditious, turbulent;

[FACTITO, FACTITARE, FACTITAVI, FACTITATUS] : V do frequently, practice;

[FACTOR, FACTORIS] : N maker; perpetrator (of a crime); player (in a ballgame);

[FACTUM EST ILLUD, FIERI INFECTUM NON POTEST. ] : PHRASE Done is done, it cannot be made undone.

[FACTUM, FACTI] : N fact, deed, act; achievement;

[FACTUM] : action.

[FACTUM] : deed, accomplishment, work, act, achievement.

[FACULA, FACULAE] : N little torch;

[FACULA] : a small torch.

[FACULTAS, FACULTATIS] : N means; ability, skill; opportunity, chance; resources (pl.), supplies;

[FACULTAS] : ability, store, wealth.

[FACULTAS] : feasibility, opportunity, resources.\, abundance.

[FACULTAS] : power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock.

[FACUNDA] : eloquent.

[FACUNDE, FACUNDIUS, FACUNDISSIME] : ADV eloquently; fluently;

[FACUNDE] : eloquently, fluently.

[FACUNDIA, FACUNDIAE] : N eloquence;

[FACUNDIA] : fertile, productive, profitable.

[FACUNDITAS] : fertility, qickness or readiness of speech.

[FACUNDUS, FACUNDA, FACUNDUM] : ADJ eloquent; fluent; able to express eloquently/fluently (speech/written);

[FACUNDUS] : eloquent, fluent, ready of speech.

[FAECULA, FAECULAE] : N lees of wine (used as a condiment or medicine);

[FAEDUS, FAEDI] : N kid, young goat; two stars in constellation auriga (charioteer), "the kid";

[FAELES, FAELIS] : N cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; mouser; inveigler, seducer, tom-cat; thief;

[FAENEBRIS, FAENEBRIS, FAENEBRE] : ADJ pertaining to usury; lent at interest;

[FAENERATIO, FAENERATIONIS] : N usury, money-lending;

[FAENERATOR, FAENERATORIS] : N usurer, money-lender;

[FAENERO, FAENERARE, FAENERAVI, FAENERATUS] : V lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply;; borrow;

[FAENEROR, FAENERARI, -, FAENERATUS SUM] : V lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply;; borrow;

[FAENEROR] : to hunt, loan, join.

[FAENEUS, FAENEA, FAENEUM] : ADJ of hay; (w/homines => men of straw);

[FAENEUS] : made of straw/ homo faeneus ; man of straw.

[FAENILE, FAENILIS] : N hayloft (pl.), place for storing hay; barn;

[FAENISECA, FAENISECAE] : N mower; a country-man;

[FAENISECIUM, FAENISECII] : N mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;

[FAENISICIA, FAENISICIAE] : N mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;

[FAENISICIUM, FAENISICII] : N mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;

[FAENUM, FAENI] : N hay;

[FAENUM] : fenum ; hay.

[FAENUS, FAENORIS] : N that which is produced; interest on money/capital, usury, profit, gain;

[FAENUS, FAENORIS] : N interest, usury, profit on capital; investments; advantage, profit, gain;

[FAENUS] : fenus ; interest on money lent.

[FAEX, FAECIS] : N dregs, grounds; sediment, lees; deposits; dregs of society;

[FAEX] : impurities, dregs/ rabble, riffraff, lower classes.

[FAGINEUS, FAGINEA, FAGINEUM] : ADJ of the beech tree; of beech-wood, beechen;

[FAGINUS, FAGINA, FAGINUM] : ADJ of the beech tree; of beech-wood, beechen;

[FAGUS, FAGI] : N beech tree;

[FALA, FALAE] : N wooden tower or pillar;

[FALARICA, FALARICAE] : N heavy missile (orig. by siege tower catapult w/tow+pitch+fire); like hand spear;

[FALCANUS, FALCANI] : N scythe-maker;

[FALCARIUS, FALCARII] : N sickle-maker;

[FALCATUS, FALCATA, FALCATUM] : ADJ armed with scythes; sickle-shaped, curved, hooked;

[FALCIFER, FALCIFERA, FALCIFERUM] : ADJ carrying a scythe; scythed;

[FALERE, FALERIS] : N platform (in a pen for birds);

[FALERIUS, FALERII] : N falisci (pl.); (latin people/etruscan culture); (altered by romans to falerii);

[FALERNUM, FALERNI] : N falernian wine;

[FALISCA, FALISCAE] : N rack in a manger;

[FALISCUS, FALISCA, FALISCUM] : ADJ of/belinging to falisci (a people of etruria); (~ venter => a sausage/haggis);

[FALISCUS, FALISCI] : N falisci (pl.); (latin people of etruscan culture); (sometimes called aequi);

[FALLACIA, FALLACIAE] : N deceit, trick, stratagem; deceptive behavior or an instance of this;

[FALLACIES, FALLACIEI] : N deceit, trick, stratagem; deceptive behavior or an instance of this;

[FALLACILOQUUS, FALLACILOQUA, FALLACILOQUUM] : ADJ of deceptive/deceitful speech; speeking deceitfully/falsely (l+s);

[FALLACIOSUS, FALLACIOSA, FALLACIOSUM] : ADJ full of deception/deceit; deceitful, deceptive, fallacious (l+s);

[FALLACITAS, FALLACITATIS] : N deceptiveness; untrustworthiness; deceit, artifice (l+s);

[FALLACITER, FALLACIUS, FALLICISSIME] : ADV deceptively/deceitfully, with intent to deceive; falsely, in misleading manner;

[FALLAX, FALLACIS (GEN.), FALLACIOR -OR -US, FALLACISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ deceitful, treacherous; misleading, deceptive; false, fallacious; spurious;

[FALLO, FALLERE, FEFELLI, FALSUS] : V deceive; slip by; disappoint; be mistaken, beguile, drive away; fail; cheat;

[FALLOR] : nisi fallor ; unless I am mistaken, if I not wrong.


[FALSIDICUS] : lying.


[FALSITAS, FALSITATIS] : N falsehood, untruth, fraud, deceit; (sometimes pl.);

[FALSUM, FALSI] : N falsehood, untruth, fraud, deceit;

[FALSUS, FALSA, FALSUM] : ADJ wrong, lying, fictitious, spurious, false, deceiving, feigned, deceptive;

[FALSUS] : false, deceptive.

[FALX, FALCIS] : N sickle. scythe; pruning knife; curved blade; hook for tearing down walls;

[FALX, FALCIS] : sickle, bill-hook, pruning hook.

[FALX] : scythe.

[FAMA CRESCIT EUNDO. ] : PHRASE The rumour grows as it goes.

[FAMA VOLAT. ] : PHRASE The rumour has wings.

[FAMA, FAMAE] : N rumor; reputation; tradition; fame, public opinion, ill repute; report, news;

[FAMA] : report, common talk, fame.

[FAMA] : talk, report, rumor, gossip, tradition.


[FAMEN] : word, utterance, articulation.

[FAMES, FAMIS] : N hunger; famine, want; craving;

[FAMES] : famine, hunger.


[FAMILIA, FAMILIAE] : N household; household of slaves; family; clan;

[FAMILIA] : family, household.

[FAMILIARIS, FAMILIARIS] : N member of household (family/servant/esp. slave); familiar acquaintance/friend;

[FAMILIARIS, FAMILIARIS, FAMILIARE] : ADJ domestic; familiar; intimate; (familiaris res = one's property or fortune);

[FAMILIARIS] : belonging to a household/ friendly, intimate.

[FAMILIARIS] : belonging to a household / friendly, intimate.

[FAMILIARITAS, FAMILIARITATIS] : N intimacy; close friendship; familiarity;

[FAMILIARITAS] : confidential friendship, intimacy.

[FAMILIARITER] : ADV on friendly terms;

[FAMOSUS, FAMOSA -UM, FAMOSIOR -OR -US, FAMOSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ famous, noted, renowned; talked of; infamous, notorious; slanderous, libelous;

[FAMOSUS] : much spoken of, renowned/ notorious, infamous/ libellous.

[FAMOSUS] : much spoken of, renowned / notorious, infamous / libellous

[FAMULA, FAMULAE] : N slave (female), maid, handmaiden, maid-servant; temple attendant;

[FAMULARIS, FAMULARIS, FAMULARE] : ADJ of slaves, servile;

[FAMULATUS] : obeisance, attention, obedience, allegiance, vassalage,.

[FAMULATUS] : servitude, slavery, service / an extablishment of slaves.

[FAMULATUS] : servitude, slavery, service/ an extablishment of slaves.

[FAMULO] : to attend.

[FAMULOR, FAMULARI, -, FAMULATUS SUM] : V be a servant, attend;

[FAMULOR] : to be a servant, to serve.

[FAMULOR] : to be a servant, to serve, attend, obey.

[FAMULUS, FAMULA, FAMULUM] : ADJ serving; serviceable; servile; subject;

[FAMULUS, FAMULI] : N slave (male), servant; attendant;

[FAMULUS] : servant.

[FAMULUS] : serving, servile/ a servant, slave.

[FAMULUS] : serving, servile / a servant, slave.

[FANATICUS, FANATICA, FANATICUM] : ADJ fanatic, frantic; belonging to a temple;

[FANATICUS] : enthusiastic, inspired, frenzied.

[FANDUS, FANDA, FANDUM] : ADJ that may be spoken; proper, lawful;

[FANTASIA, FANTASIAE] : N phase; (of the moon);

[FANTASIA, FANTASIAE] : N fancy, imagined situation; mental image (latham); imagination; phenomenon (def);

[FANUM, FANI] : N sanctuary, temple;

[FANUM] : a temple or church with the land around it, a holy place.

[FANUS, FANORIS] : N that which is produced; interest on money/capital, usury, profit, gain;

[FAR FARRIS] : spelt, grain, meal.

[FAR, FARRIS] : N husked wheat; grain, spelt; coarse meal, grits; sacrificial meal; dog's bread;

[FAR] : barley p.291

[FARCI, FARCI, FARTUM] : to fill up, stuff.


[FARCIO, FARCIRE, FARSI, FARTUS] : V stuff, fill up/completely; gorge oneself; insert as stuffing, cram (into);

[FARCIO] : to stuff.

[FARES, UNDECLINED] : V phares; (mene tekel phares writing on the wall - vulgate daniel 5] : 25);

[FARFARIA] : -ae colt's-foot Discorides, p. 143

[FARINA, FARINAE] : N flour/meal (for dough/pastry); stuff persons made of; dust/powder (grinding);

[FARINA] : meal or flour.

[FARRAGO, FARRAGINIS] : N mixed fodder, mash; mixture, medley; a hodgepodge; trifle;

[FARRAGO] : mixed fodder for cattle, mash/ mishmash, medley, mixture.

[FARRAGO] : mixed fodder for cattle, mash / mishmash, medley, mixture.

[FARRATUS, FARRATA, FARRATUM] : ADJ provided with grain; made of corn;

[FARRATUS] : provided with grain.

[FARREUS, FARREA, FARREUM] : ADJ made of spelt or wheat (corn) or meal;

[FARS, FARTIS] : N stuffing; minced meat;

[FARTIM] : stuffing, filling.

[FARTOR] : one who fattens fowls.

[FAS (EST)] : indecl. (it is) right, proper

[FAS EST] : ; it is right, it is fitting, it is lawful.

[FAS, UNDECLINED] : N divine/heaven's law/will/command; that which is right/lawful/moral/allowed;

[FAS] : divine law or command/ fate, destiny/ lawful, allowed.

[FASC, FASCIS] : N bundles of rods (w/ax) (pl.), carried before the highest magistrates of rome;

[FASCIA, FASCIAE] : N band; bandage; streak/band of cloud;

[FASCIA] : bandage, band, girdle, girth.

[FASCICULUS, FASCICULI] : N little bundle/packet; bunch (of flowers);

[FASCINO, FASCINARE, FASCINAVI, FASCINATUS] : V cast a spell on, bewitch;

[FASCINO] : to bewitch, envy.

[FASCIOLA, FASCIOLAE] : N little bandage;

[FASCIS, FASCIS] : N bundle, faggot; packet, parcel; rods with an ax -> symbol of authority (pl.);

[FASCIS] : bundle, burden.

[FASTIDIO, FASTIDIRE, FASTIDIVI, FASTIDITUS] : V disdain; be scornful; feel aversion to, be squeamish;

[FASTIDIO] : to dislike, have an aversion to, loathe.

[FASTIDIOSUS, FASTIDIOSA, FASTIDIOSUM] : ADJ squeamish; exacting; disdainful; nauseating;

[FASTIDIOSUS] : squeamish, dainty, fastidious.

[FASTIDIUM, FASTIDI(I)] : N loathing, disgust; squeamishness; scornful contempt, pride; fastidiousness;

[FASTIDIUM] : aversion, loathing

[FASTIDIUM] : aversion, loathing.

[FASTIDIUM] : disgust, dislike, sqeamishness / scorn, disdain, haughtiness.

[FASTIDIUM] : disgust, dislike, sqeamishness.

[FASTIDIUM] : scorn, disdain, haughtiness.

[FASTIGATE] : slantingly.

[FASTIGATUS, FASTIGATA, FASTIGATUM] : ADJ pointed, sharp; wedge shaped; sloping, descending;

[FASTIGATUS] : pointed down, sloping down.

[FASTIGIUM, FASTIGI(I)] : N peak, summit, top; slope, declivity, descent; gable, roof; sharp point, tip;

[FASTOSUS, FASTOSA, FASTOSUM] : ADJ haughty, distainful; proud, full of pride (l+s);

[FASTOSUS] : pride, haughtiness.

[FASTOSUS] : pride, haughtiness

[FASTUOSUS, FASTUOSA, FASTUOSUM] : ADJ haughty, distainful; proud, full of pride (l+s);

[FASTUS, FASTA, FASTUM] : ADJ not forbidden; (~ dies=>day on which praetor's court was open, judicial day);

[FASTUS, FASTI] : N calendar (pl.), almanac, annals; register of judicial days, register;

[FASTUS, FASTI] : N list of festivals (pl.); list of consuls who gave names to years;

[FASTUS, FASTUS] : N scornful contempt, destain, haughtiness, arrogance, pride;

[FASTUS] : haughtiness.

[FATALIS, FATALIS, FATALE] : ADJ fated, destined; fatal, deadly;

[FATALIS] : deadly, fated.

[FATALITER] : ADV by destinty; by decree of fate;

[FATEOR, FATERI, -, FASSUS SUM] : V admit, confess (w/acc); disclose; acknowledge; praise (w/dat);

[FATEOR] : to confess, admit, allow, reveal, make known.





[FATIGATIO, FATIGATIONIS] : N fatigue, weariness; exaustion; (also of land);

[FATIGATUS] : wearied.

[FATIGO, FATIGARE, FATIGAVI, FATIGATUS] : V weary, tire, fatigue; harass; importune; overcome;

[FATIGO] : to harass, torment.

[FATIGO] : worry, fatigue, vex, harass, tease.


[FATISCO, FATISCERE,] : V gape, crack; crack open, part asunder; grow weak or exhausted, droop;

[FATISCOR, FATISCI,] : V gape, crack; crack open, part asunder; grow weak or exhausted, droop;

[FATUA] : foolish

[FATUA] : foolish.

[FATUM, FATI] : N utterance, oracle; fate, destiny; natural term of life; doom, death, calamity;

[FATUM] : fate, destiny, doom, lot, weird.

[FATUO] : to render vain, cause to fail.

[FATUUS, FATUA, FATUUM] : ADJ foolish, silly; idiotic;

[FAUNUS, FAUNI] : N rustic god; deity of forest, herdsman; sometimes identified with pan;

[FAUSTUS, FAUSTA, FAUSTUM] : ADJ favorable; auspicious; lucky, prosperous;

[FAUTOR, FAUTORIS] : N patron, protector; admirer; supporter, partisan;

[FAUTOR] : favorer, promoter, patron, partisan, supporter.

[FAUTOR] : promoter.

[FAUX, FAUCIS] : N pharynx (usu pl.), gullet/throat/neck/jaws/maw; narrow pass/shaft/strait; chasm;

[FAVEO, FAVERE, FAVI, FAUTUS] : V favor (w/dat), befriend, support, back up;

[FAVEO] : (+ dat.) be favorable to, aid, support, help.

[FAVEO] : (+ inf.) To be inclined to do.

[FAVEO] : to favor, befriend, delight in approval.

[FAVILLA, FAVILLAE] : N glowing ashes, embers; spark; ashes;

[FAVILLESCO] : to reduce to ashes.

[FAVISOR, FAVISORIS] : N patron, protector; admirer; supporter, partisan;

[FAVITOR, FAVITORIS] : N patron, protector; admirer; supporter, partisan;

[FAVONIUS, FAVONII] : N west wind;

[FAVOR, FAVORIS] : N favor, goodwill; bias; applause;

[FAVORABILIS, FAVORABILE, FAVORABILIOR -OR -US, FAVORABILISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ popular, treated/regarded with favor, favored; to win favor, conciliatory;

[FAVORABILITER, FAVORABILIUS, FAVORABILISSIME] : ADV so as to win favor; stretching a point to favor one side, indulgently;

[FAVUS, FAVI] : N honeycomb;

[FAVUS] : honeycomb.

[FAX, FACIS] : N torch, firebrand, fire; flame of love; torment;

[FE, UNDECLINED] : N pe; (17th letter of hebrew alphabet); (transliterate as p or f);

[FEB, UNDECLINED] : ADJ february (month) (mensis understood); abbr. feb.;

[FEBRICITO, FEBRICITARE, FEBRICITAVI, FEBRICITATUS] : V have a fever, be feverish, be ill of a fever;

[FEBRICITO] : be raving mad p. 145

[FEBRICULA, FEBRICULAE] : N slight fever, feverishness;

[FEBRIFUG(I?)A] : lesser centaury, feverfew, Erythraea centaurium p. 145

[FEBRIO] : to have a fever.

[FEBRIS, FEBRIS] : N fever, attack of fever;

[FEBRIS] : a fever.

[FEBRUARIUS, FEBRUARIA, FEBRUARIUM] : ADJ february (month) (mensis understood); abbr. feb.;

[FEBRUO] : to purify, consecrate.

[FEBRUUM, FEBRUI] : N religious purification; roman feast (pl.) of purification;

[FECLINDITAS, FECLINDITATIS] : N fertility fecundity;

[FECULENTIA] : dregs, lees, impurities, filth.

[FECUNDA] : plentifully furnished, fertile.


[FECUNDO] : fertilize, make fruitful.

[FECUNDUS, FECUNDA -UM, FECUNDIOR -OR -US, FECUNDISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ fertile, fruitful; productive (of offspring), prolific; abundant; imaginative;

[FEDUS, FEDI] : N kid, young goat; two stars in constellation auriga (charioteer), "the kid";

[FEFELLO] : to be failed by, disappointed by something.

[FEFICIUS, FEFICIA, FEFICIUM] : ADJ deifies, who makes one a god; consecrated, sacred; (lues ~ => epilepsy);

[FEL, FELLIS] : N gall bladder; gall, bile; poison; bitterness, venom;

[FELES, FELIS] : N cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; mouser; inveigler, seducer, tom-cat; thief;

[FELICITAS, FELICITATIS] : N luck, good fortune; happiness;

[FELICITAS] : happiness.

[FELICITER] : ADV happily;

[FELICITER] : happily.

[FELIO, FELIRE, FELIVI, FELITUS] : V roar/cry (expressing the cry of a leopard);

[FELIS, FELIS] : N cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; mouser; inveigler, seducer, tom-cat; thief;

[FELIX FELICIS] : lucky, fortunate, happy.

[FELIX, (GEN.), FELICIS] : ADJ fertile; favorable; lucky; happy, successful, fruitful; blessed;

[FELIX] : happy, fortunate.

[FEMELLA, FEMELLAE] : N young woman, girl;

[FEMEN, FEMINIS] : N thigh (human/animal); flat vertical band on triglyph; (~ bubulum => plant);

[FEMINA, FEMINAE] : N woman; female;

[FEMINA] : woman

[FEMINA] : woman.

[FEMINAL, FEMINALIS] : N female external genitalia; thigh coverings (pl.);

[FEMINALUM, FEMINALI] : N female external genitalia/private parts; thigh coverings (pl.), breech-cloth;

[FEMINEUS, FEMINEA, FEMINEUM] : ADJ woman's; female, feminine; proper to/typical of a woman; effeminate, cowardly;

[FEMININUS, FEMININA, FEMININUM] : ADJ woman's; female, feminine; proper to/typical of a woman;

[FEMUR, FEMINIS] : N thigh (human/animal); flat vertical band on triglyph; (~ bubulum => plant);

[FEMUR, FEMORIS] : N thigh (human/animal); flat vertical band on triglyph; (~ bubulum => plant);

[FENERO, FENERARE, FENERAVI, FENERATUS] : V lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply;; borrow;

[FENEROR, FENERARI, -, FENERATUS SUM] : V lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply;; borrow;

[FENESTRA, FENESTRAE] : N window, opening for light; loophole, breach; orifice; inlet; opportunity;

[FENESTRA] : window.

[FENISECIUM, FENISECII] : N mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;

[FENISICIA, FENISICIAE] : N mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;

[FENISICIUM, FENISICII] : N mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;

[FENUM, FENI] : N hay;

[FENUS, FENORIS] : N interest, usury, profit on capital; investments; advantage, profit, gain;

[FERA, FERAE] : N wild beast/animal;

[FERA] : wild animal.

[FERALIS, FERALIS, FERALE] : ADJ funereal; deadly, fatal;

[FERAX, (GEN.), FERACIS] : ADJ fruitful, fertile. prolific;

[FERCTUM, FERCTI] : N sacrificial cake;

[FERCUIUM, FERCUI(I)] : N frame or stretcher for carrying things; dish; course (at dinner);

[FERCULUM, FERCULI] : N food tray; dish, course;

[FERE] : ADV almost; about, nearly; generally, in general; (w/negatives) hardly ever;

[FERE] : almost, near;y, not quite, generally.

[FERE] : well-nigh.

[FERENTARIUS, FERENTARI(I)] : N light-armed soldier skirmisher;


[FERETRUM] : bier, litter.

[FERETRUM] : bier.

[FERIA, FERIAE] : N holiday (pl.); festivals;

[FERIATUS, FERIATA, FERIATUM] : ADJ keeping holiday, at leisure;

[FERINA, FERINAE] : N game, flesh of wild animals;

[FERINUS, FERINA, FERINUM] : ADJ of wild beasts;

[FERINUS] : brutal.

[FERIO, FERIRE,] : V hit, strike; strike a bargain; kill, slay;

[FERITAS, FERITATIS] : N wildness, savageness;

[FERITAS] : wildness, savageness.

[FERITER] : fiercely.

[FERITO] : to fight, strike, deal blows, lash out.

[FERME, FERE] : almost, about.

[FERME] : ADV nearly, almost, about; (with negatives) hardly ever;

[FERMENTO, FERMENTARE, FERMENTAVI, FERMENTATUS] : V leven; cause fermentation in; aerate (soil);

[FERMENTUM, FERMENTI] : N fermentation, levening (process/cause); yeast; ferment/passion; sour/spoil;

[FERO TULI LATUM] : to carry, bring, tell, relate, and much else.

[FERO, FERRE, TULI, LATUS] : V bring, bear; tell speak of; consider; carry off, win, receive, produce; get;

[FERO] : to display/ plunder, carry off, abscond with/ win, acquire.

[FERO] : to march, move forward, carry along/ move, impel/ to lead.

[FERO] : to produce, bring forth/ bring to someone or someplace.

[FEROCIA, FEROCIAE] : N fierceness, ferocity; insolence;

[FEROCIA] : high spirit, courage/ arrogance, ferocity.

[FEROCIA] : high spirit, courage / arrogance, ferocity.

[FEROCIO, FEROCIRE,] : V rampage, act in a fierce/violent/savage manner;

[FEROCITAS, FEROCITATIS] : N fierceness, savageness, excessive spirits; aggressiveness;

[FEROCITAS] : courage, untamed spirit / arogance.

[FEROCITAS] : courage, untamed spirit/ arogance.

[FEROCITAS] : savageness.

[FEROCITER, FEROCIUS, FEROCISSIME] : ADV fiercely/ferociously/aggressively; arrogantly/insolently/defiantly; boldly;

[FEROCITER] : with spirit, courageously/ arrogantly, forciously.

[FEROCITER] : with spirit, courageously / arrogantly, forciously.

[FEROX, (GEN.), FEROCIS] : ADJ wild, bold; warlike; cruel; defiant, arrogant;

[FEROX] : headstrong.

[FEROX] : spirited, courageous, warlike/ wild, arrogant, unbridled.

[FEROX] : spirited, courageous, warlike / wild, arrogant, unbridled.

[FERRAMENTA] : tools made of iron, or shod with iron.


[FERRAMENTUM] : iron implement.

[FERRARIA, FERRARIAE] : N iron mine;

[FERRARIUM] : smithy, blackęsmith's forge, farrier's shop.

[FERRARIUS, FERRARIA, FERRARIUM] : ADJ of/concerned with iron, iron-; (officina/taberna ~ => smithy/blacksmith shop);

[FERRARIUS, FERRARII] : N blacksmith;

[FERRARIUS] : of iron / a blacksmith / iron mines.

[FERRARIUS] : of iron/ a blacksmith/ iron mines.

[FERRATI] : cuirassiers.

[FERRATILIS] : in chains (slaves and prisoners).

[FERRATUS, FERRATA, FERRATUM] : ADJ furnished or covered with iron; (w/servi => in irons>;

[FERRATUS, FERRATI] : N soldieers (pl.) in armor;

[FERRATUS] : a soldier in armor / in chains (as a slave) / furnished with iron.

[FERRATUS] : a soldier in armor/ in chains/ furnished with iron.

[FERRATUS] : iron-clad/ shoed (of a horse).

[FERRAUS, FERRAA, FERRAUM] : ADJ bound or covered with iron; with iron points or studs;

[FERREUS, FERREA, FERREUM] : ADJ iron, made of iron; cruel, unyielding;

[FERREUS] : made of iron/ hard, unfeeliing, cruel, unbending.

[FERREUS] : made of iron / hard, unfeeliing, cruel, unbending.

[FERRO] : to shoe a horse.

[FERROUS, FERROA, FERROUM] : ADJ of iron, iron; hard, cruel firm;

[FERRUGINEUS, FERRUGINEA, FERRUGINEUM] : ADJ of the color of iron-rust, somber;

[FERRUGINEUS] : rust colored, dusky.


[FERRUGO, FERRUGINIS] : N iron-rust; color of iron rust, dusky color;

[FERRUGO] : the color of rust.

[FERRUM, FERRI] : N iron; any tool of iron;weapon, sword;

[FERRUM] : iron, sword.

[FERRUM] : sword, arms, iron, horseshoe.

[FERTILIS, FERTILIS, FERTILE] : ADJ fertile, fruitful; abundant;

[FERTILIS] : fruitful, fertile, productive

[FERTILIS] : fruitful, fertile, productive.

[FERTILITAS, FERTILITATIS] : N fruitfulness, fertility;

[FERTILITAS] : abundance.

[FERTILITAS] : fertility, fruitfulness.

[FERTUM, FERTI] : N sacrificial cake;

[FERULA, FERULAE] : N stick, rod;

[FERULA] : the herb fennel/ a rad to beat children with.

[FERULA] : the herb fennel / a rad to beat children with.

[FERULAGO] : deadly carrot

[FERULARIS] : of the giant fennel

[FERUS, FERA, FERUM] : ADJ wild, savage; uncivilized; untamed; fierce;

[FERUS, FERI] : N wild beast/animal; wild/untamed horse/boar;

[FERUS] : fierce, wild, savage, untamed.

[FERUS] : fierce.

[FERVEFACIO, FERVEFACERE, FERVEFECI, FERVEFACTUS] : V heat; melt; boil; make (intensely) hot;

[FERVEFACIO] : to heat, boil, melt.

[FERVENS, (GEN.), FERVENTIS] : ADJ red hot, boiling hot; burning; inflamed, impetuous; fervent/zealous (bee);

[FERVENS] : glowing, hot, heated/ (character) heated, fiery.

[FERVENS] : glowing, hot, heated /(character) heated, fiery.

[FERVENTER] : hotly, warmly.

[FERVEO, FERVERE, FERBUI] : V be (very) hot; boil/burn; seethe/surge; swarm; be turbulent/run strongly; froth;

[FERVEO, FERVERE, FERBUI] : V be warm/aroused/inflamed/feverish, reek (w/blood); be active/busy/agitated;

[FERVEO] : be excited by passion, rage.

[FERVEO] : to be boiling hot, boil, seethe, glow/ be excited by passion, rage.

[FERVEO] : to be boiling hot, boil, seethe, glow.

[FERVEO] : to boil, foam, glow.


[FERVESCO] : to become hot, begin to glow or boil.

[FERVIDUS, FERVIDA, FERVIDUM] : ADJ glowing; boiling hot; fiery, torrid, roused, fervid; hot blooded;

[FERVIDUS] : boiling, seething, foaming/ fiery, passionate, excited.

[FERVIDUS] : boiling, seething, foaming / fiery, passionate, excited.

[FERVIDUS] : fiery.

[FERVO, FERVERE, FERVI] : V be warm/aroused/inflamed/feverish, reek (w/blood); be active/busy/agitated;

[FERVO, FERVERE, FERVI] : V be (very) hot; boil/burn; seethe/surge; swarm; be turbulent/run strongly; froth;

[FERVOR, FERVORIS] : N heat, boiling heat; boiling, fermenting; ardor, passion, fury; intoxication;

[FESSUS, FESSA, FESSUM] : ADJ tired, wearied, fatigued, exhausted; worn out, weak, feeble, infirm, sick;

[FESSUS] : wearied.

[FESTINANTER, FESTINANTIUS, FESTINISSIME] : ADV promptly, speedily, quickly; with (excessive/undue) haste; hurriedly;

[FESTINANTER] : hastily.

[FESTINATIM] : ADV promptly, speedily, quickly; with (excessive/undue) haste; hurriedly;

[FESTINATIO, FESTINATIONIS] : N haste, speed, hurry;

[FESTINATIO] : speed, haste.

[FESTINATO, FESTINATIUS, FESTINATISSIME] : ADV promptly, speedily, quickly; with (excessive/undue) haste; hurriedly;


[FESTINO] : to hasten, hurry, speed.

[FESTINO] : to make haste.

[FESTINUS, FESTINA, FESTINUM] : ADJ swift/quick/rapid; fast moving (troops); impatient, in a hurry; early/premature;

[FESTINUS] : hastening, hasty.

[FESTIVE, FESTIVIOR, FESTIVISSIME] : ADV festively, with feasting; delightfully, neatly; amusingly, humorously, wittily;

[FESTIVITAS, FESTIVITATIS] : N festivity, feast; conviviality, charm; heart's delight; humor (speaker), wit;

[FESTIVITER] : ADV gaily, festively; wittily;

[FESTIVUS, FESTIVA -UM, FESTIVIOR -OR -US, FESTIVISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ feast (days); excellent, fine; jovial (person), genial; lively (speech), witty;

[FESTIVUS] : festive.

[FESTUCA, FESTUCAE] : N straw; stalk (used in manumission); ram for beating down earth, piledriver;


[FESTUM, FESTI] : N holiday; festival; feast day; day in memory of saint/event (usu. pl.) (bee);

[FESTUS, FESTA, FESTUM] : ADJ festive, joyous; holiday; feast day; merry; solemn;

[FETEO] : to have a bad odor, stink.

[FETIALIS, FETIALIS] : N roman priest/college of priests (pl.) representing rome in diplomatic dealings;

[FETIDUS, FETIDA, FETIDUM] : ADJ foul-smelling, stinking;

[FETO, FETARE, FETAVI, FETATUS] : V breed/spawm; hatch/bring forth offspring/young; impregnate, make fruitful (l+s);

[FETURA, FETURAE] : N bearing, breeding; young off-spring, brood;

[FETUS, FETA, FETUM] : ADJ fertile; pregnant with; full of; having newly brought forth;

[FETUS, FETUS] : N offspring, young;

[FEUXICTERUS] : birthwort

[FIALA, FIALAE] : N drinking plate; (greek);

[FIBRA, FIBRAE] : N fiber, filament; entrails; leaf, blade (of grasses, etc);

[FIBULA, FIBULAE] : N clasp, buckle, brooch;

[FICEDULA, FICEDULAE] : N small bird, fig-pecker, a treat in autumn when it feeds on figs/grapes;

[FICETUM, FICETI] : N fig-orchard, plantation of fig trees;

[FICTILE, FICTILIS] : N earthenware vessel or statue;

[FICTILIS, FICTILIS, FICTILE] : ADJ of clay; made of earthenware, earthen;

[FICTIO, FICTIONIS] : N fashioning, action of shaping; coining (word); pretence/feigning; legal fiction;

[FICTOR, FICTORIS] : N one who devises or makes;

[FICTUS, FICTA, FICTUM] : ADJ feigned, false; counterfeit;

[FICTUS] : feigned.

[FICULNEA] : fig-tree

[FICULNEUS, FICULNEA, FICULNEUM] : ADJ of the fig or fig tree, fig-;

[FICULNUS, FICULNA, FICULNUM] : ADJ of the fig or fig tree, fig-;

[FICUS, FICI] : N fig; fig tree; (primus ficus => early autumn); haemorrhoids/piles (sg./pl.);

[FICUS, FICUS] : N fig; fig tree; (primus ficus => early autumn); haemorrhoids/piles (sg./pl.);

[FICUS] : fig tree.

[FICUS] : -i, (masc.) fig Celsus, Spencer


[FIDEIUSSOR, FIDEIUSSORIS] : N guarantor, one who gives surety or goes bail;

[FIDELIS, FIDELE, FIDELIOR -OR -US, FIDELISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ faithful/loyal/devoted; true/trustworthy/dependable/reliable; constant/lasting;

[FIDELIS] : faithful, loyal, true

[FIDELIS] : faithful, loyal, true.

[FIDELIS] : untranslated.

[FIDELITAS, FIDELITATIS] : N faithfulness, fidelity;

[FIDELITAS] : fidelity, loyalty, homage.

[FIDELITER, FIDELIUS, FIDELISSIME] : ADV with reliance on god;

[FIDELITER, FIDELIUS, FIDELISSIME] : ADV faithfully/constantly/loyally; earnestly; reliably/accurately; securely/firmly;

[FIDENS, (GEN.), FIDENTIS] : ADJ confident; bold;

[FIDENS] : confident, without fear, courageous.

[FIDES, FIDEI] : N faith, loyalty; honesty; credit; confidence, trust, belief; good faith;

[FIDES, FIDIS] : N chord, instrument string; constellation lyra; stringed instrument (pl.); lyre;

[FIDES] : lyre, string.

[FIDES] : promise, assurance, word of honor, engagement.

[FIDES] : promise, trust, faith, belief, truth.

[FIDES] : trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.

[FIDES] : trustworthiness, protection.

[FIDICEN, FIDICINIS] : N lyre-player; writer of lyric poetry; lyricist;

[FIDICINA, FIDICINAE] : N lyre-player (female);


[FIDICULA, FIDICULAE] : N little lyre or lute (usu. pl.); an instrument for torture;

[FIDIS, FIDIS] : N chord, instrument string; constellation lyra; stringed instrument (pl.); lyre;

[FIDO, FIDERE, -, FISUS SUM] : V trust (in), have confidence (in) (w/dat or abl);

[FIDUCIA, FIDUCIAE] : N trust, confidence; faith, reliance; courage;

[FIDUCIA] : confidence, trust, assurance.

[FIDUCIA] : trustworthiness, confidence, reliance.

[FIDUCIALITER, FIDUCIALIUS, FIDUCIALISSIME] : ADV confidently, with confidence; boldly (souter); faithfully;

[FIDUCIALITER] : confidently.

[FIDUCIARIUS, FIDUCIARIA, FIDUCIARIUM] : ADJ holding on trust; held on trust;

[FIDUS, FIDA, FIDUM] : ADJ faithful, loyal; trusting, confident;

[FIDUS] : trusty.

[FIENDO] : f.p.p, same as faciendo, the making, it will be made

[FIENDO] : f.p.p, same as faciendo, the making, it will be made.

[FIGILINA, FIGILINAE] : N pottery-work; pottery (pl.), potter's workshop;

[FIGLINA, FIGLINAE] : N pottery-work; pottery (pl.), potter's workshop;

[FIGMENTUM, FIGMENTI] : N figment, fiction, invention, unreality; thing formed/devised; image;

[FIGO, FIGERE, FIXI, FIXUS] : V fasten, fix; pierce, transfix; establish;

[FIGULINA, FIGULINAE] : N pottery-work; pottery (pl.), potter's workshop;

[FIGULUS, FIGULI] : N potter; maker of earthenware vessels;

[FIGURA, FIGURAE] : N shape, form, figure, image; beauty; style; figure of speech;

[FIGURO, FIGURARE, FIGURAVI, FIGURATUS] : V form, fashion, shape;

[FIGUS] : ;

[FILIA, FILIAE] : N daughter;

[FILIA] : daughter

[FILIA] : daughter.

[FILICATUS, FILICATA, FILICATUM] : ADJ adorned with ferns; embossed with fern leaves;

[FILIOLA, FILIOLAE] : N little daughter;

[FILIOLUS, FILIOLI] : N little son;

[FILIOLUS] : godson.

[FILIUS, FILI] : N son;

[FILIUS] : son

[FILIUS] : son.

[FILIX, FILICIS] : N fern, bracken;

[FILUM, FILI] : N thread, string, filament, fiber; texture, style, nature;

[FIMBRIA, FIMBRIAE] : N fringe (pl.), border, edge;


[FIMUM, FIMI] : N dung, excrement;

[FIMUS, FIMI] : N dung, excrement;

[FIMUS] : dung, dirt, filth, manure.

[FINCTUS, FINCTA, FINCTUM] : ADJ produced, formed, created; (primus/prior finctus => first-formed/original);

[FINDO, FINDERE, FIDI, FISSUS] : V split, cleave, divide;

[FINE] : PREP ABL up to;

[FINES FINIUM] : boundaries, limits,/ territory.

[FINES FINIUM] : boundaries, limits, / territory.

[FINES] : territory, limits, borders.

[FINGO, FINGERE, FINXI, FICTUS] : V mold, form, shape; create, invent; produce; imagine; compose; devise, contrive;

[FINGO, FINGERE, FINXI, FICTUS] : V make up (story/excuse); pretend, pose; forge, counterfeit; act insincerely;

[FINGO, FINGERE, FINXI, FICTUS] : V adapt, transform into; modify (appearence/character/behavior); groom;

[FINGO, FINGERE, FIXI, FINCTUS] : V make up (story/excuse); pretend, pose; forge, counterfeit; act insincerely;

[FINGO, FINGERE, FIXI, FINCTUS] : V mold, form, shape; create, invent; produce; imagine; compose; devise, contrive;

[FINGO, FINGERE, FIXI, FINCTUS] : V adapt, transform into; modify (appearence/character/behavior); groom;

[FINGO] : finxi ; fictum ; to touch, conceive, contrive.

[FINGO-FINXI-FICTUM] : to touch, conceive, contrive

[FINI] : PREP ABL up to;

[FINIO, FINIRE, FINIVI, FINITUS] : V limit, end; finish; determine, define; mark out the boundaries;

[FINIO] : to cease.

[FINIS CORONAT OPUS. ] : PHRASE The ending crowns the work.

[FINIS, FINIS] : N boundary, end, limit, goal; (pl.) country, territory, land;

[FINIS] : end, limit, boundary, purpose.

[FINITIMUS FINITUMUS] : neighboring, adjacent, related to, similar.

[FINITIMUS, FINITIMA, FINITIMUM] : ADJ neighboring, bordering, adjoining;

[FINITIMUS, FINITIMI] : N neighbors (pl.);

[FINITIO, FINITIONIS] : N end/conclusion/death; limit/restriction; definition, exact description;

[FINITIO, FINITIONIS] : N boundry, border, frontier; circuit of walls; endmost point/extremity; rule/law;

[FIO, FIERI, -, FACTUS SUM] : V be made, become; happen, take place;

[FIO, FIERI, FACTUS] : be made, be done, become.

[FIRMAMEN, FIRMAMINIS] : N support, prop, mainstay; strengthening;

[FIRMAMENTUM, FIRMAMENTI] : N support, prop, mainstay; support group;

[FIRMAMENTUM] : strengthening, prop, the main point, support.

[FIRMITAS, FIRMITATIS] : N firmness, strength;

[FIRMITER] : ADV really, strongly, firmly; steadfastly;

[FIRMITER] : enduringly.

[FIRMITUDO, FIRMITUDINIS] : N stability; strength;

[FIRMITUDO] : durability.

[FIRMO, FIRMARE, FIRMAVI, FIRMATUS] : V strengthen, harden; support; declare; prove, confirm, establish;

[FIRMO] : to assert, maintain/ strengthen, make firm / encourage.

[FIRMO] : to assert, maintain/ strengthen, make firm/ encourage.

[FIRMO] : to make lasting, secure, affirm.

[FIRMUS, FIRMA -UM, FIRMIOR -OR -US, FIRMISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ firm/steady; substantial/solid/secure/safe; strong/robust/sturdy/stout/durable;

[FIRMUS, FIRMA -UM, FIRMIOR -OR -US, FIRMISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ loyal/staunch/true/constant; stable/mature; valid/convincing/well founded;

[FIRMUS] : firm, strong, reliable, solid.

[FIRMUS] : steadfast, constant, durable.

[FISCALE, FISCALIS] : N revenues/monies (pl.) due to imperial treasury;

[FISCALIS, FISCALIS, FISCALE] : ADJ of/connected with imperial treasury/revenues; fiscal, of money;

[FISCELLA, FISCELLAE] : N small wicker-basket;

[FISCINA, FISCINAE] : N small basket of wicker work;

[FISCUS, FISCI] : N money-bag, purse; imperial exchequer;

[FISSILIS, FISSILIS, FISSILE] : ADJ easily split; split;

[FISTUCA, FISTUCAE] : N rammer, mallet;

[FISTULA, FISTULAE] : N shepherd's pipe; tube; waterpipe;

[FISTULATOR, FISTULATORIS] : N one who plays the reed-pipe;

[FIXUS, FIXA, FIXUM] : ADJ fixed fast, immovable; fitted with;

[FLABELLUM, FLABELLI] : N small fan;

[FLABRUM, FLABRI] : N gusts/blasts of wind (pl.); breezes;

[FLACCEO, FLACCERE,] : V 2 0 to be flabby; to fail or flag;

[FLACCESCO, FLACCESCERE, FLACCUI] : V to begin to flag, become flabby;


[FLACCUS, FLACCI] : N flaccus, roman cognomen; q. horatius flaccus, the poet horace;

[FLADO] : kind of cake

[FLAGELLO, FLAGELLARE, FLAGELLAVI, FLAGELLATUS] : V flog, whip, lash, scourge; strike repeatedly; thresh/flail (grain); 'whip up';

[FLAGELLO] : whip, scourge.

[FLAGELLUM, FLAGELLI] : N whip, lash, scourge; thong (javalin); vine shoot; arm/tentacle (of polyp);

[FLAGITATIO, FLAGITATIONIS] : N importunate request, demand;

[FLAGITATOR, FLAGITATORIS] : N importuner, dun;

[FLAGITIOSA] : infamous.

[FLAGITIOSUS, FLAGITIOSA -UM, FLAGITIOSIOR -OR -US, FLAGITIOSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ disgraceful, shameful; infamous, scandalous; profligate, dissolute;

[FLAGITIUM, FLAGITI(I)] : N shame, disgrace; scandal, shameful act, outrage, disgraceful thing; scoundrel;

[FLAGITIUM] : disgraceful act.

[FLAGITO, FLAGITARE, FLAGITAVI, FLAGITATUS] : V demand urgently; require; entreat, solicit, press, dun, importune;

[FLAGRANS, FLAGRANTIS (GEN.), FLAGRANTIOR -OR -US, FLAGRANTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ burning (w/desire), ardent, passionate; outrageous (crime), monstrous, flagrant

[FLAGRANS, FLAGRANTIS (GEN.), FLAGRANTIOR -OR -US, FLAGRANTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ flaming, fiery, blazing; hot, scorching; in the ascendent (person/popularity);

[FLAGRANTER, FLAGRANTIUS, FLAGRANTISSIME] : ADV ardently, passionately; vehemently, heatedly; eagerly;

[FLAGRANTIA, FLAGRANTIAE] : N blaze, burning; scorching heat; passionate glow (eyes); passionate love/ardor;

[FLAGRITRIBA, FLAGRITRIBAE] : N one that wears out whips, whipping boy;

[FLAGRO, FLAGRARE, FLAGRAVI, FLAGRATUS] : V be on fire; blaze, flame, burn; be inflamed/excited;

[FLAGRO] : to blaze.

[FLAGRUM, FLAGRI] : N scourge, whip;

[FLAMEN, FLAMINIS] : N breeze, wind, gale; blast;

[FLAMEN, FLAMINIS] : N priest, flamen; priest of one particular deity;

[FLAMEN] : breeze, holy spirit, wind .

[FLAMINICA, FLAMINICAE] : N wife of a flamen;

[FLAMMA, FLAMMAE] : N flame, blaze; ardor, fire of love; object of love;

[FLAMMA] : flame, fire.

[FLAMMEOLUM, FLAMMEOLI] : N small bridal veil;

[FLAMMEUM, FLAMMEI] : N flame colored (bridal) veil;

[FLAMMEUS, FLAMMEA, FLAMMEUM] : ADJ flaming, fiery; fiery red;


[FLAMMO, FLAMMARE, FLAMMAVI, FLAMMATUS] : V inflame, set on fire; excite;

[FLAMMULA, FLAMMULAE] : N little flame;

[FLAMMUS] : mullein

[FLANDRENSIS] : Fleming, of or from Flanders.

[FLATILIS, FLATILIS, FLATILE] : ADJ blown, of/produced by blowing;

[FLATUS, FLATUS] : N blowing; snorting; breath; breeze;

[FLATUS] : blowing, blast, breathing, arrogance, haughtiness.

[FLAVEDO, FLAVEDINIS] : N yellowness;

[FLAVEO, FLAVERE,] : V be yellow or gold-colored;

[FLAVESCO, FLAVESCERE,] : V become/turn yellow or gold;

[FLAVITAS, FLAVITATIS] : N yellowness; glitter;

[FLAVOR, FLAVORIS] : N yellowness; (erasmus);

[FLAVUS, FLAVA, FLAVUM] : ADJ yellow, golden, gold colored; flaxen, blonde;

[FLAVUS, FLAVA, FLAVUM] : ADJ golden-haired; blond;

[FLAX, FALCIS] : sickle, bill-hook, pruning hook.

[FLEBILE] : ADV lamentably, dolefully, tearfully;

[FLEBILIS, FLEBILIS, FLEBILE] : ADJ lamentable, causing/worthy of/accompanied by tears; doleful, tearful, weeping;

[FLEBILIS] : lamentable, doleful.

[FLECTO, FLECTERE, FLEXI, FLEXUS] : V bend, curve, bow; turn, curl; persuade, prevail on, soften;

[FLECTO] : to overcome, bend.

[FLEO, FLERE, FLEVI, FLETUS] : V cry for; cry, weep;

[FLEO] : to weep, cry, shed tears, sob.

[FLEO] : to weep.

[FLERE] : to cry, shed tears

[FLERE] : to cry, shed tears.

[FLETUS, FLETUS] : N weeping, crying, tears; wailing; lamenting;

[FLETUS] : weeping, tears.


[FLEXILIS, FLEXILIS, FLEXILE] : ADJ pliant, pliable, supple;

[FLEXILIS] : pliant.


[FLEXIPES, (GEN.), FLEXIPEDIS] : ADJ crooked-footed, twining;

[FLEXUOSUS, FLEXUOSA -UM, FLEXUOSIOR -OR -US, FLEXUOSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ curved; with many curves in it, full of bends/turns; winding/sinuous/tortuous;

[FLEXUS, FLEXUS] : N turning, winding; swerve; bend; turning point;

[FLICTUS, FLICTUS] : N striking together, dashing against;

[FLIGO, FLIGERE,] : V to beat or dash down;

[FLO, FLARE, FLAVI, FLATUS] : V breathe; blow;

[FLOCCIPENDO, FLOCCIPENDERE, FLOCCIPEPENDI, FLOCCIPENSUS] : V take (little) account of, consider of no/any importance); (usu. negative);

[FLOCCIPENDO] : account of slight value, take lightly.

[FLOCCUS, FLOCCI] : N tuft/wisp of wool; ((non) ~i facere/pendere => to consider of no importance);

[FLORENS, FLORENTIS (GEN.), FLORENTIOR -OR -US, FLORENTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ blooming/in bloom, flowering; flowery, bright/shining; flourishing, prosperous;

[FLOREO, FLORERE, FLORUI] : V flourish, blossom, be prosperous; be in one's prime;

[FLOREO] : to

[FLORESCO, FLORESCERE,] : V (begin to) blossom; increase in physical vigor or renown;

[FLORESCO] : to begin to blossom.


[FLORIDUS, FLORIDA, FLORIDUM] : ADJ blooming; flowery; florid;

[FLORIFER, FLORIFERA, FLORIFERUM] : ADJ flowery; flower bearing, producing flowers; carring flowers;

[FLORIGER, FLORIGERA, FLORIGERUM] : ADJ flowery; flower bearing, producing flowers; carring flowers;


[FLOS, FLORIS] : N flower, blossom; youthful prime;

[FLOS] : crown, move to and fro, wander.

[FLOSCULUS, FLOSCULI] : N little flower, floweret; the best of anything, the 'flower';


[FLUCTIVAGUS] : "wave-driven".

[FLUCTUATIO, FLUCTUATIONIS] : N swaying/shaking, restless movement (wave); vacillation/uncertainity/fluctuation;

[FLUCTUO, FLUCTUARE, FLUCTUAVI, FLUCTUATUS] : V rise in waves, surge, swell, undulate, fluctuate; float; be agitated/restless;

[FLUCTUOR, FLUCTUARI, -, FLUCTUATUS SUM] : V waver, be in doubt, hesitate;

[FLUCTUOSUS, FLUCTUOSA, FLUCTUOSUM] : ADJ full of waves, stormy;

[FLUCTUS, FLUCTUS] : N wave; disorder; flood, flow, tide, billow, surge; turbulence, commotion;

[FLUCTUS] : billow, wave.

[FLUCTUS] : flood, billow.

[FLUENTUM, FLUENTI] : N stream; river;

[FLUIDUS, FLUIDA, FLUIDUM] : ADJ liquid; soft, feeble;

[FLUIDUS] : moist.


[FLUMEN, FLUMINIS] : N river, stream; (adverso flumine => against the current);

[FLUMEN] : river.

[FLUO, FLUERE, FLUXI, FLUXUS] : V flow, stream; emanate, proceed from; fall gradually;

[FLUO] : to flow, pour, stream.

[FLUUS, FLUA, FLUUM] : ADJ flowing (septemfluus = seven-flowing mouth of the nile);



[FLUVIUS, FLUVI(I)] : N river, stream; running water;

[FLUXUS, FLUXA, FLUXUM] : ADJ flowing; fluid; loose; transient, frail, dissolute;

[FOCAL, FOCALIS] : N wrapper for the neck;

[FOCARIA, FOCARIAE] : N kitchen-maid; cook; soldier's concubine; housekeeper (l+s);

[FOCARIUS, FOCARII] : N kitchen-boy/servant;

[FOCILLO, FOCILLARE, FOCILLAVI, FOCILLATUS] : V to warm up, refresh by warmth;

[FOCILO, FOCILARE, FOCILAVI, FOCILATUS] : V revive, restore to health/consciousness; keep alive; cherish, tend, foster;

[FOCULUS, FOCULI] : N brazier;

[FOCUS, FOCI] : N hearth, fireplace; altar; home, household, family;

[FODICO, FODICARE, FODICAVI, FODICATUS] : V to dig, jog; (w/latus => to dig in the ribs);

[FODIO, FODERE, FODI, FOSSUS] : V dig, dig out/up; stab;

[FODIO] : to prick, sting, jab.

[FOEDE] : fouly, in a filty manner.

[FOEDE] : fouly, in a filty manner

[FOEDERATUS, FOEDERATA, FOEDERATUM] : ADJ alliedbound by treaty (to rome); leagued together, confedrated, allied (l+s)] :

[FOEDERO, FOEDERARE, FOEDERAVI, FOEDERATUS] : V seal; ratify (an agreement); establish by treaty/league (l+s);

[FOEDERO] : to ally, make a treaty, make a pact, federate.


[FOEDIS-E] : foul, fithly

[FOEDIS-E] : foul, fithly.

[FOEDITAS, FOEDITATIS] : N foulness; ugliness; shame;

[FOEDO, FOEDARE, FOEDAVI, FOEDATUS] : V defile; pollute; disfigure, disgrace; sully;

[FOEDO] : to pollute.

[FOEDUS, FOEDA -UM, FOEDIOR -OR -US, FOEDISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ filthy, foul, disgusting, loathsome, beastly; disgraceful, vile, low, obscene;

[FOEDUS, FOEDERIS] : N treaty, agreement, contract; league;

[FOEDUS] : alliance, agreement.

[FOEDUS] : foederis ; compact, covenant, agreement/ law.

[FOEDUS] : foederis ; compact, covenant, agreement / law

[FOENICULUM] : fenugreek, fennel Trigonella foenum-graecum

[FOETEO, FOETERE,] : V to have a bad smell;

[FOETEO] : to smell bad.

[FOETEO] : to smell bad

[FOETIDUS, FOETIDA, FOETIDUM] : ADJ having a bad smell, stinking;

[FOETIDUS] : smelly, stinking

[FOETIDUS] : smelly, stinking.

[FOETO, FOETARE, FOETAVI, FOETATUS] : V breed/spawm; hatch/bring forth offspring/young; impregnate, make fruitful (l+s);

[FOETOR, FOETORIS] : N bad smell, stink;

[FOETOR] : a bad smell, a stink

[FOETOR] : a bad smell, a stink.

[FOETUS] : young, progeny.

[FOLIATUM, FOLIATI] : N salve or oil of spikenard leaves;


[FOLIATUS] : leafy

[FOLIATUS] : leafy.

[FOLITIS] : hart's-tongue

[FOLIUM PENTASPHAERUM] : nard-leaf, perhaps J.I. Miller, p.25

[FOLIUM, FOLI(I)] : N leaf;

[FOLIUM] : leaf

[FOLIUM] : leaf.

[FOLIUM] : nard leaf, perhaps

[FOLLICULUS, FOLLICULI] : N bag or sack; pod; shell;

[FOLLICULUS] : small bag, small purse, little sack

[FOLLICULUS] : small bag, small purse, little sack.

[FOLLIS, FOLLIS] : N bag, purse; handball; pair of bellows; scrotum;

[FOLLIS] : a leather bag, purse, bellows, puffed-out cheeks

[FOLLIS] : a leather bag, purse, bellows, puffed-out cheeks.

[FOMENTUM, FOMENTI] : N poultice/dressing; hot/cold compress; solace, alleviation; kindling; wick;

[FOMENTUM] : nourishment.

[FOMENTUM] : poultice / alleviation

[FOMENTUM] : poultice/ alleviation.

[FOMES, FOMITIS] : N chips of wood, etc for kindling/feeding a fire;

[FOMES] : fomitis ; tinder

[FOMES] : fomitis ; tinder.

[FOMEUS] : smoky, smoke-filled.

[FOMEUS] : smoky, smoke-filled

[FONS, FONTIS] : N spring, fountain; source; principal cause;

[FONS] : fontis ; fountain, spring/ fresh water/ source, origin.

[FONS] : fontis ; fountain, spring / fresh water / source, origin


[FONTICULUS, FONTICULI] : N little fountain or spring;

[FONTICULUS] : small spring, little fountain

[FONTICULUS] : small spring, little fountain.

[FOR, FARI, -, FATUS SUM] : V speak, talk; say;

[FOR] : fari ; fatus ; (deponent) say, speak, talk about.

[FOR] : fari ; fatus ; (deponent) say, speak, talk about

[FOR] : say, sing in verse, speak.

[FORABILIS] : penetrable.

[FORABILIS] : penetrable

[FORAMEN, FORAMINIS] : N hole, aperture; fissure;

[FORAMEN] : foraminis ; hole, opening, aperture.

[FORAMEN] : foraminis ; hole, opening, aperture

[FORAS] : ADV out of doors, abroad, forth, out;

[FORAS] : outside, without, out of doors/ + dare = to publish.

[FORAS] : outside, without, out of doors / + dare = to publish

[FORCA] : pitfall, snare, trap

[FORCA] : pitfall, snare, trap.

[FORCEPS, FORCIPIS] : N pair of tongs, pincers;

[FORCEPS] : pincers, tongs

[FORCEPS] : pincers, tongs.

[FORDA, FORDAE] : N one who is pregnant/with young; cow in/with calf;

[FORDA] : a cow with calf.

[FORDA] : a cow with calf

[FORDEACEUS, FORDEACEA, FORDEACEUM] : ADJ barley-, of/connected to barley;

[FORDEARIUS, FORDEARIA, FORDEARIUM] : ADJ barley-, of/connected to barley; (~ pira => pears ripening w/barley);

[FORDEUM, FORDEI] : N barley (the plant or the grain from it); barley-corn;

[FORDIACEUS, FORDIACEA, FORDIACEUM] : ADJ barley-, of/connected to barley; (used as term of contempt);

[FORDIARIUS, FORDIARIA, FORDIARIUM] : ADJ barley-, of/connected to barley; (~ pira => pears ripening w/barley);

[FORDUS, FORDA, FORDUM] : ADJ pregnant; with young;

[FORE, FOREM] : future infinitive of sum.

[FORENSIS, E] : legal.

[FORENSIS, FORENSIS, FORENSE] : ADJ public; pertaining to the courts;

[FORENSIS] : public.

[FORENSIS] : relating to the forum/ relating to legal business.

[FORENSIS] : relating to the forum / relating to legal business

[FORFEX, FORFICIS] : N pair of shears or scissors;

[FORFEX] : scissors, shears.

[FORFEX] : scissors, shears

[FORINSECUS] : ADV on the outside;

[FORIS, FORIS] : N door, gate; (the two leaves of) a folding door (pl.); double door; entrance;

[FORIS] : a door, opening, entrance.

[FORIS] : a door, opening, entrance

[FORIS] : ADV out of doors, abroad;

[FORIS] : out of doors, outside, abroad / from abroad, from outside

[FORIS] : out of doors, outside, abroad/ from abroad, from outside.

[FORIX] : fornicis ; arch, vault / arcade / an arched sallyport

[FORMA, FORMAE] : N form, figure, appearance; beauty; mould, pattern;

[FORMA] : appearance, model.

[FORMA] : forma, shape, beauty.

[FORMALIS] : having a set or standard form, / formal

[FORMALIS] : having a set or standard form,/ formal.


[FORMAMENTUM] : conformation.

[FORMAMENTUM] : conformation

[FORMATOR] : a former, fashioner, maker

[FORMATOR] : a former, fashioner, maker.

[FORMATURA] : forming, fashioning, shaping.

[FORMATURA] : forming, fashioning, shaping


[FORMICA] : ant

[FORMICA] : ant.


[FORMIDILOSE, FORMIDILOSIUS, FORMIDILOSISSIME] : ADV terribly, dreadfully; alarming; in a frightening manner; fearfully/timorously;

[FORMIDILOSE] : dreadfully, teribly

[FORMIDILOSE] : dreadfully, teribly.

[FORMIDILOSUS, FORMIDILOSA -UM, FORMIDILOSIOR -OR -US, FORMIDOLISISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ terrible, scary; dangerous, alarming; formidable; fearful/timorous/frightened;

[FORMIDILOSUS] : causing dread, fear, terror.

[FORMIDILOSUS] : causing dread, fear, terror

[FORMIDO, FORMIDARE, FORMIDAVI, FORMIDATUS] : V dread, fear, be afraid of; be afraid for (the safety of) (w/dat);

[FORMIDO, FORMIDINIS] : N rope strung with feathers used by hunters to scare game;

[FORMIDO, FORMIDINIS] : N fear/terror/alarm; religious dread/awe; thing/reason which scares, bogy/horror;

[FORMIDO] : fear, dread.

[FORMIDO] : formidonis ; dread, terror/ dreadfulness/ scarecrow.

[FORMIDO] : formidonis ; dread, terror / dreadfulness / scarecrow

[FORMIDO] : to be terrified, frightened, afraid.

[FORMIDO] : to be terrified, frightened, afraid

[FORMIDOLOSE, FORMIDOLOSIUS, FORMIDOLOSISSIME] : ADV terribly, dreadfully; alarming; in a frightening manner; fearfully/timorously;

[FORMIDOLOSUS, FORMIDOLOSA -UM, FORMIDOLOSIOR -OR -US, FORMIDOLOSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ terrible, scary; dangerous, alarming; formidable; fearful/timorous/frightened;

[FORMIDOLOSUS] : fearful.

[FORMIDULOSE, FORMIDULOSIUS, FORMIDULOSISSIME] : ADV terribly, dreadfully; alarming; in a frightening manner; fearfully/timorously;

[FORMIDULOSUS, FORMIDULOSA -UM, FORMIDULOSIOR -OR -US, FORMIDOLUSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ terrible, scary; dangerous, alarming; formidable; fearful/timorous/frightened;

[FORMO, FORMARE, FORMAVI, FORMATUS] : V form, shape, fashion, model;

[FORMO] : to fashion.

[FORMO] : to shape, form, fashion.

[FORMONSE, FORMONSIUS, FORMONSISSIME] : ADV beautifully, in a beautiful manner;


[FORMONSUS, FORMONSA -UM, FORMONSIOR -OR -US, FORMONSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ beautiful, finely formed, handsome, fair; haging fine appearence/form;

[FORMOSE, FORMOSIUS, FORMOSISSIME] : ADV beautifully, in a beautiful manner;

[FORMOSE] : beautifully

[FORMOSE] : beautifully.

[FORMOSITAS] : beauty

[FORMOSITAS] : beauty.


[FORMOSUS, FORMOSA -UM, FORMOSIOR -OR -US, FORMOSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ beautiful, finely formed, handsome, fair; haging fine appearence/form;

[FORMOSUS] : beautiful, well-shaped

[FORMOSUS] : beautiful, well-shaped.

[FORMOSUS] : finely formed.

[FORMULA, FORMULAE] : N shape/outline; pretty appearence; regiater/list/roll, juristiction; charter;

[FORMULA, FORMULAE] : N system (of teaching); legal position, status; terms/provisions (law/compact);

[FORMULA, FORMULAE] : N formula, set form of words; standard/rule of procedure; paradigm; type/pattern;

[FORMULA, FORMULAE] : N set form of words, formula; principle, rule, legal process;

[FORMULA] : physical beauty / formula / rule, principle

[FORMULA] : physical beauty/ formula/ rule, principle.

[FORNACALIS] : relating to an oven

[FORNACALIS] : relating to an oven.

[FORNACULA, FORNACULAE] : N little oven;

[FORNACULA] : a small oven

[FORNACULA] : a small oven.

[FORNAX, FORNACIS] : N furnace/oven/kiln; (baths/smelting/limestone/brick); (goddess of ovens?);

[FORNAX] : fornacis ; oven, furnace, kiln.

[FORNAX] : fornacis ; oven, furnace, kiln

[FORNICARIA, FORNICARIAE] : N fornicatress; woman (unmarried) who has voluntary sex; prostitute/whore;

[FORNICARIUS, FORNICARII] : N fornicator; man (usu. unmarried) who has voluntary sex with (unmarried) woman;

[FORNICATIM] : ADV archwise, in an arched manner; in the form of an arch (l+s);

[FORNICATIO, FORNICATIONIS] : N fornication; (unmarried) sex; prostitution/whoredom;

[FORNICATIO, FORNICATIONIS] : N vaulting; arch; vaulting/arching over (l+s);

[FORNICATOR, FORNICATORIS] : N fornicator; man (usu. unmarried) who has voluntary sex with (unmarried) woman;

[FORNICATRIX, FORNICATRICIS] : N fornicatress; woman (unmarried) who has sex; prostitute/whore;

[FORNICATUS, FORNICATA, FORNICATUM] : ADJ arched, vaulted; (via fornicata, a street in rome);

[FORNICATUS] : arched, vaulted

[FORNICATUS] : arched, vaulted.

[FORNICOR, FORNICARI, -, FORNICATUS SUM] : V fornicate; commit fornication/whoredom; prostitute/devote to unworthy use (def);

[FORNIX, FORNICIS] : N arch, vault, vaulted opening; monument arch; brothel, cellar for prostitution;

[FORNIX] : fornicis ; arch, vault/ arcade/ an arched sallyport.

[FORO] : to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate.

[FORO] : to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate

[FORPEX, FORPICIS] : N tongs, pincers; shears;

[FORS FORTIS] : chance, luck, fortune.

[FORS, FORTIS] : N chance; luck, fortune; accident;

[FORSAN] : ADV perhaps;

[FORSIT FORSAN FORSITAN] : perhaps, probably.

[FORSIT] : ADV perhaps;

[FORSITAN] : ADV perhaps;

[FORS-ITIS] : chance, luck.

[FORTASSE] : ADV perhaps, possibly; it may be;

[FORTASSE] : perhaps.

[FORTASSIS] : ADV perhaps, possibly; it may be;

[FORTE] : ADV by chance; perhaps, perchance; as luck would have it;

[FORTE] : by chance, by luck, accidentally.

[FORTE] : perchance.


[FORTIFICATIO, FORTIFICATIONIS] : N strengthening, fortifying; fortification; (~ missa => celebration of mass);

[FORTIFICO, FORTIFICARE, FORTIFICAVI, FORTIFICATUS] : V strenghten, fortify, make strong;

[FORTIS, FORTE, FORTIOR -OR -US, FORTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ strong, powerful, mighty, vigorous, firm, steadfast, courageous, brave, bold;

[FORTIS] : strong, brave, powerful, robust, steadfast, courageous

[FORTITER, FORTIUS, FORTISSIME] : ADV strongly; bravely; boldly;

[FORTITER] : strongly, bravely.

[FORTITUDO, FORTITUDINIS] : N strength, courage, valor; firmness;

[FORTITUDO] : courage.

[FORTITUDO] : physical strength, courage, moral bravery.

[FORTUITO] : (used as adverb) accidentally, by chance.

[FORTUITO] : (used as adverb) accidentally, by chance

[FORTUITO] : ADV accidentally, by chance, fortuitously; casually;

[FORTUITUM, FORTUITI] : N accidents (pl.), casualties;

[FORTUITUS, FORTUITA, FORTUITUM] : ADJ casual, accidental, fortuitous, happening by chance;

[FORTUITUS] : accidental, by chance, fortuitous.

[FORTUITUS] : accidentally, by luck, casual.

[FORTUITUS] : accidentally, by luck, casual

[FORTUNA, FORTUNAE] : N chance, luck, fate; prosperity; condition, wealth, property;

[FORTUNA] : condition.

[FORTUNA] : fortune, luck, fate, chance.

[FORTUNATE] : ADV fortunately;

[FORTUNATE] : fortunately, happily

[FORTUNATE] : fortunately, happily.

[FORTUNATUS, FORTUNATA, FORTUNATUM] : ADJ lucky, fortunate; rich, wealthy; happy; blessed;

[FORTUNATUS] : fortunate, lucky, happy.

[FORTUNATUS] : fortunate, lucky/ wealthy, rich.

[FORTUNATUS] : fortunate, lucky / wealthy, rich

[FORTUNO, FORTUNARE, FORTUNAVI, FORTUNATUS] : V to make happy, bless, prosper;

[FORTUNO] : to make happy, to bless, to prosper

[FORTUNO] : to make happy, to bless, to prosper.

[FORUITUS, FORUITA, FORUITUM] : ADJ casual; accidental;

[FORULI] : book-case.

[FORULI] : book-case

[FORUM, FORI] : N market; forum (in rome); court of justice;

[FORUM] : market place, town square.

[FORUS, FORI] : N gangway in a ship; row of benches erected for games/circus; cell of bees;

[FORUS] : gangway of a ship

[FORUS] : gangway of a ship.

[FOSSA, FOSSAE] : N ditch, trench;

[FOSSA] : ditch, trench, channel, moat

[FOSSA] : ditch, trench, channel, moat.

[FOSSIO] : fossionis ; an excavation

[FOSSIO] : fossionis ; an excavation.

[FOSSOR, FOSSORIS] : N one who digs the ground;

[FOSSOR] : a digger, ditcher, sapper/ fool, boor, clown.

[FOSSOR] : a digger, ditcher, sapper / fool, boor, clown

[FOSSURA] : digging, delving, sapping, ditching.

[FOSSURA] : digging, delving, sapping, ditching

[FOVEA, FOVEAE] : N pit, pitfall;

[FOVEA] : a pit, trap for game, pitfall

[FOVEA] : a pit, trap for game, pitfall.

[FOVEO, FOVERE, FOVI, FOTUS] : V keep warm; favor, cherish, maintain, foster;

[FOVEO] : fovi ; fotum ; to foster, support, encourage

[FOVEO] : fovi ; fotum ; to foster, support, encourage.

[FOVEO] : fovi fotum ; to cherish / to warm, keep warm, caress.

[FOVEO] : fovi fotum ; to cherish/ to warm, keep warm, caress.

[FOVEO] : to cherish, encourage, enfold.

[FRACESCO, FRACESCERE, FRACUI] : V become soft/mushy; become mellow/tractable (l+s); spoil, rot, become rancid;

[FRAGA] : fragorum ; strawberries

[FRAGA] : fragorum ; strawberries.

[FRAGILIS, FRAGILIS, FRAGILE] : ADJ brittle, frail; impermanent;

[FRAGILIS] : fragile, easily broken / fleeting, transitory / weak, feeble

[FRAGILIS] : fragile, easily broken/ fleeting, transitory.

[FRAGILIS] : weak, feeble.

[FRAGILITAS, FRAGILITATIS] : N brittleness; frailty;

[FRAGILITAS] : frailty.

[FRAGILITAS] : frailness, weakness, fragility, frailty

[FRAGILITAS] : frailness, weakness, fragility, frailty.

[FRAGLANS, FRAGLANTIS (GEN.), FRAGLANTIOR -OR -US, FRAGLANTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ flaming, fiery, blazing; hot, scorching; in the ascendent (person/popularity);

[FRAGLANS, FRAGLANTIS (GEN.), FRAGLANTIOR -OR -US, FRAGLANTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ burning (w/desire), ardent, passionate; outrageous (crime), monstrous, flagrant

[FRAGLANTER, FRAGLANTIUS, FRAGLANTISSIME] : ADV ardently, passionately; vehemently, heatedly; eagerly;

[FRAGLANTIA, FRAGLANTIAE] : N blaze, burning; scorching heat; passionate glow (eyes); passionate love/ardor;

[FRAGMEN, FRAGMINIS] : N fragment, piece broken off; fragments (pl.), chips, ruins; chips of wood (pl.);

[FRAGMEN] : fragminis ; a breaking / fragments, remains, ruins

[FRAGMEN] : fragminis ; a breaking/ fragments, remains, ruins.


[FRAGOR, FRAGORIS] : N noise, crash;

[FRAGOR] : a crash, crack.

[FRAGOR] : crashing.

[FRAGOSUS, FRAGOSA, FRAGOSUM] : ADJ brittle; ragged;

[FRAGOSUS] : roaring, crashing, rough / broken.

[FRAGOSUS] : roaring, crashing, rough/ broken.


[FRAGRO] : to smell, be odiferous, redolent.

[FRAGUM, FRAGI] : N wild strawberries (pl.);

[FRAGUM] : -i, (neut.) strawberry

[FRAMEA, FRAMEAE] : N spear used by the germani;

[FRANCI] : Franks.

[FRANCIGENI] : Frankish people.

[FRANCISCA] : Frankish.

[FRANGO, FRANGERE, FREGI, FRACTUS] : V break, shatter, crush; dishearten, subdue, weaken; move, discourage;

[FRANGO] : fracta ; to break in pieces, shatter.

[FRANGO] : to break down.

[FRATER, FRATRIS] : N brother; cousin;

[FRATER] : brother.

[FRATERCULUS, FRATERCULI] : N little brother;

[FRATERNITAS, FRATERNITATIS] : N brotherhood, fraternity; the relationship of brothers;

[FRATERNUS, FRATERNA, FRATERNUM] : ADJ brotherly/brother's; of/belonging to a brother; fraternal; friendly; of cousin;

[FRATRICIDA, FRATRICIDAE] : N one who kills a brother, a fratricide;

[FRAUDATIO] : fraud, deceit, trickery.

[FRAUDO, FRAUDARE, FRAUDAVI, FRAUDATUS] : V cheat, defraud; steal;

[FRAUDO] : to cheat, beguile, trick/ violate, deprive of, despoil, deny.

[FRAUDULENTER, FRAUDULENTIUS, FRAUDULENTISSIME] : ADV fraudulently, deceitfully; dishonestly; falsely;

[FRAUDULENTIA, FRAUDULENTIAE] : N fraud, deceit; dishonesty; knavery; deceitfulness; disposition to defraud;


[FRAUDULENTUS] : deceitful.

[FRAUDULOSUS, FRAUDULOSA, FRAUDULOSUM] : ADJ fraudulent, deceitful; dishonest; false;

[FRAUS, FRAUDIS] : N fraud; trickery, deceit; imposition, offense, crime; delusion;

[FRAUS] : fraud.



[FRAXINUS, FRAXINI] : N ash-tree; spear or javelin of ash;


[FREMITUS, FREMITA, FREMITUM] : ADJ roaring, noisy; shouting, raging, growling, snorting, howling;

[FREMITUS, FREMITUS] : N roar, loud noise; shouting; resounding; rushing, murmuring, humming; growl;

[FREMO, FREMERE, FREMUI, FREMITUS] : V roar; growl; rage; murmur, clamor for;

[FREMOR, FREMORIS] : N low/confused noise/roaring, murmur;

[FRENDEO, FRENDERE,] : V gnash the teeth, grind up small;

[FRENDO, FRENDERE, FRENDUI, FRESUS] : V gnash the teeth, grind up small;

[FRENDO] : gnash the teeth, crush, bruise, grind.

[FRENDO] : to gnash one's teeth, bruise, crush, grind.


[FRENO] : curb, restrain, hold back, restrain.

[FRENUM, FRENI] : N bridle, harness/reins/bit; harnessed horses/team; check/restraint/curb; mastery;

[FRENUM] : bridle.

[FRENUM] : reins, bridle, bit/ restraint.

[FRENUM] : reins, bridle, bit / restraint.

[FRENUS, FRENI] : N bridle/harness/reins/bit (pl.); harnessed horses; check/restraint/curb; mastery;

[FREQUENS, (GEN.), FREQUENTIS] : ADJ crowded; numerous, full, frequented, populous; repeated, frequent, constant;

[FREQUENTATIO] : frequency, crowding.

[FREQUENTER] : ADV often, frequently; in great numbers; in crowds;

[FREQUENTIA, FREQUENTIAE] : N crowd; large attendance; abundance of persons/things; frequency;

[FREQUENTIA] : a large concourse, population, numerous assembly.

[FREQUENTIA] : crowd.

[FREQUENTO, FREQUENTARE, FREQUENTAVI, FREQUENTATUS] : V frequent; repeat often; haunt; throng; crowd; celebrate;

[FREQUENTO] : to crowd, visit.

[FREQUENTO] : to crowd, collect in large number, visit.

[FRETUM, FRETI] : N sea; narrow sea, straits;

[FRETUS, FRETA, FRETUM] : ADJ relying on, trusting to, supported by (w/abl);

[FRETUS] : + abl. relying upon, depending on, banking on.

[FRIBUSCULUM, FRIBUSCULI] : N slight cold; coolness/disagreement between man and wife; (frigus-culus);


[FRIGDOR, FRIGDORIS] : N cold; chill (esp. of feverish person) (souter);

[FRIGEO, FRIGERE,] : V be cold; lack vigor; get cold reception; fail to win favor; fall flat (words);

[FRIGESCO, FRIGESCERE, FRIXI] : V become cold, cool, lose heat; slaken, abate, fall off/flat;

[FRIGIDULUS, FRIGIDULA, FRIGIDULUM] : ADJ somewhat cold or faint;

[FRIGIDUS, FRIGIDA, FRIGIDUM] : ADJ cold, cool, chilly, frigid; lifeless, indifferent, dull;

[FRIGIDUS] : feeble.

[FRIGO, FRIGERE, FRIXI, FRICTUS] : V roast, parch; fry (l+s);

[FRIGOR, FRIGORIS] : N cold; chill (esp. of feverish person) (souter);

[FRIGUS, FRIGORIS] : N cold; cold weather, winter; frost;

[FRIGUS] : cold, coolness, cold of winter/ dullness, indolence.

[FRIGUS] : cold, coolness, cold of winter / dullness, indolence.

[FRIGUSCULUM, FRIGUSCULI] : N slight cold; coolness/disagreement between man and wife; (frigus-culus);

[FRIGUTTIO, FRIGUTTIRE,] : V utter broken sounds; stutter, stammer;

[FRINGULIO, FRINGULIRE,] : V utter broken sounds; twitter/chirp (birds); stutter, stammer;

[FRINGULTIO, FRINGULTIRE,] : V utter broken sounds; twitter/chirp (birds); stutter, stammer;

[FRIO, FRIARE, FRIAVI, FRIATUS] : V to rub, crumble;


[FRIVOLUS, FRIVOLA, FRIVOLUM] : ADJ frivolous, trifling; silly, worthless; trashy;

[FRIVOLUS] : trifling.

[FRIXO, FRIXARE, FRIXAVI, FRIXATUS] : V thoroughly roast;

[FRIXORIUM, FRIXORII] : N frying pan;

[FRIXURA, FRIXURAE] : N frying pan;

[FRIXUS, FRIXA, FRIXUM] : ADJ roasted; fried;

[from England].

[from which, apothecary, bodega, etc.]



[FRONDEO, FRONDERE, FRONDUI, FRONDITUS] : V have/put forth leaves, be in leaf; be leafy/full of trees (place); (in spirt);

[FRONDESCO, FRONDESCERE,] : V become leafy, shoot; put forth leaves;



[FRONDOSUS, FRONDOSA, FRONDOSUM] : ADJ leafy, abounding in foliage;

[FRONS, FRONDIS] : N foliage, leaves, leafy branch, green bough, frond;

[FRONS, FRONTIS] : N forehead, brow; face; look; front; fore part of anything;

[FRONS] : forehead, brow, front.

[FRONTAL, FRONTALIS] : N frontlet (pl.) of a horse;

[FRONTO, FRONTOIS] : N man with a broad forehead;

[FRUCTIFER, FRUCTIFERA, FRUCTIFERUM] : ADJ fruitful; fruit-bearing, bearing fruit;

[FRUCTIFERO, FRUCTIFERARE, FRUCTIFERAVI, FRUCTIFERATUS] : V bear fruit; (vulgate 4 ezra 16] : 25/26);

[FRUCTIFICO, FRUCTIFICARE, FRUCTIFICAVI, FRUCTIFICATUS] : V sprout, produce new growth (plants/land); bear fruit (l+s); increase (douay);

[FRUCTIFICO, FRUCTIFICARE, FRUCTIFICAVI, FRUCTIFICATUS] : V sprout; produce new growth; bear new fruit (l+s); bear fruit (def);


[FRUCTUARIUS] : fruitful, fertile.

[FRUCTUOSUS, FRUCTUOSA -UM, FRUCTUOSIOR -OR -US, FRUCTUOSISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ fruitful, productive, abounding in fruit; profitable, advantageous;

[FRUCTUS FRUCTUS] : fruit, profit, enjoyment, produce.

[FRUCTUS, FRUCTUS] : N produce, crops; fruit; profit; enjoyment; reward;

[FRUCUOSUS, FRUCUOSA, FRUCUOSUM] : ADJ fruitful; profitable;

[FRUGALIS, FRUGALE, FRUGALIOR -OR -US, FRUGALISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ worthy/honest/deserving; thrifty/frugal/simple; temperate/sober; of vegetables;

[FRUGALITAS, FRUGALITATIS] : N frugality; economy; honesty;

[FRUGALITAS] : frugality, economy, pinching pennies.

[FRUGALITER, FRUGALIUS, FRUGALISSIME] : ADV simply, frugally, economically; soberly; ina restrained manner;

[FRUGI, UNDECLINED] : ADJ worthy/honest/deserving; virtuous; thrifty/frugal; temperate/sober; useful/fit;

[FRUGIFER, FRUGIFERA, FRUGIFERUM] : ADJ fruit-bearing, fertile;

[FRUGIFERENS, (GEN.), FRUGIFERENTIS] : ADJ fruitful, fertile;



[FRUMENTARIUS, FRUMENTARIA, FRUMENTARIUM] : ADJ grain producing; of/concerning grain; (res frumentaria => grain supply);

[FRUMENTATIO, FRUMENTATIONIS] : N the collecting of corn; foraging;



[FRUMENTUM, FRUMENTI] : N grain; crops;

[FRUMENTUM] : grain.

[FRUNESCO, FRUNESCERE,] : V enjoy; have the pleasure of;

[FRUNISCOR, FRUNISCI, -, FRUNITUS SUM] : V enjoy; have the pleasure of;

[FRUOR, FRUARI, -, FRUITUS SUM] : V enjoy, profit by, delight in (w/abl);

[FRUOR, FRUI, -, FRUCTUS SUM] : V enjoy (proceeds/socially/sexually), profit by, delight in (w/abl);

[FRUOR] : to enjoy, delight in, use.

[FRUOR] : to have the benefit of, to enjoy.

[FRUSTATIM] : ADV into pieces;

[FRUSTILLATIM] : ADV bit by bit;

[FRUSTO] : to break to pieces.

[FRUSTRA ESSE] : to be deceived, to be mistaken.

[FRUSTRA] : ADV in vain; for nothing, to no purpose;

[FRUSTRA] : in vain, mistakenly, wantonly, without reason.


[FRUSTRATIO, FRUSTRATIONIS] : N deceiving, disappointment;

[FRUSTRO, FRUSTRARE, FRUSTRAVI, FRUSTRATUS] : V reject; delay; rob/defraud/cheat; pretend; refute (w/argument); corrupt/falsify;

[FRUSTRO, FRUSTRARE, FRUSTRAVI, FRUSTRATUS] : V disappoint, frustrate, deceive (w/false hope); escape/elude; baffle/evade; fail;

[FRUSTRO] : frustror ; to deceive, dupe, trick, disappoint.

[FRUSTRO] : to defraud, deprive.

[FRUSTROR, FRUSTRARI, -, FRUSTRATUS SUM] : V disappoint, frustrate, deceive (w/false hope); escape/elude; baffle/evade; fail;

[FRUSTROR, FRUSTRARI, -, FRUSTRATUS SUM] : V reject; delay; rob/defraud/cheat; pretend; refute (w/argument); corrupt/falsify;

[FRUSTUM, FRUSTI] : N crumb, morsel, scrap of food;

[FRUTECTOSUS, FRUTECTOSA, FRUTECTOSUM] : ADJ shrubby, abounding in thickets; bushy, resembling a bush/shrub;

[FRUTECTUM, FRUTECTI] : N thicket, covert; place full of shrubs/bushes;

[FRUTECTUM, FRUTECTI] : N thicket of shrubs/bushes; shrubs/bushes (pl.);

[FRUTETUM, FRUTETI] : N thicket, covert; place full of shrubs/bushes;

[FRUTEX, FRUTICIS] : N shrub, bush; shoot, stem, stalk, growth; 'blockhead';

[FRUTEX] : shrub, bush.

[FRUTICETUM, FRUTICETI] : N thicket, covert; place full of shrubs/bushes;

[FRUTICO, FRUTICARE, FRUTICAVI, FRUTICATUS] : V put forth shoots, bush/branch out; (antlers); become bushy, grow thickly (hair);

[FRUTICOR, FRUTICARI, -, FRUTICATUS SUM] : V put forth shoots, bush/branch out; (antlers); become bushy, grow thickly (hair);


[FRUX, FRUGI] : fruits of the earth.

[FRUX, FRUGIS] : N crops (pl.), fruits, produce, legumes; honest men;

[FRUX] : fruits of the earth, success.

[FRYGIA, FRYGIAE] : N phrygia, country comprising center and west of asia minor; troy (poetical);

[FRYGIUS, FRYGIA, FRYGIUM] : ADJ phrygian, of phyrigia (center and west of asia minor); trojan;

[FUCO, FUCARE, FUCAVI, FUCATUS] : V color; paint; dye;


[FUCUS, FUCI] : N dye; bee-glue; drone; presence, sham;

[FUGA, FUGAE] : N flight, fleeing, escape; avoidance; exile;

[FUGA] : flight, escape,.

[FUGA] : flight, escape,

[FUGAX, (GEN.), FUGACIS] : ADJ flying swiftly; swift; avoiding, transitory;

[FUGIO, FUGERE, FUGI, FUGITUS] : V flee, fly, run away; avoid, shun; go into exile;

[FUGIO] : to flee, escape, runa aaway/ avoid, shun.

[FUGIO] : to flee, escape, runa aaway / avoid, shun.


[FUGITIVUS, FUGITIVI] : N fugitive; deserter; runaway slave;

[FUGITIVUS] : fugitive ; deserter, runaway slave.

[FUGO, FUGARE, FUGAVI, FUGATUS] : V put to flight, rout; chase away; drive into exile;

[FUGO] : to put to flight, chase.

[FUGO] : to put to flight, chase away, drive into exile, pursue.

[FULCIMEN, FULCIMINIS] : N prop, support, pillar;

[FULCIO, FULCIRE, FULSI, FULTUS] : V prop up, support;

[FULCIO] : to strengthen.

[FULCIO] : to support, strengthen, uphold/ to besiege, oppress.

[FULCRUM, FULCRI] : N fulcrum; point of support for lever;

[FULCRUM, FULCRI] : N head or back-support of a couch; bed post; foot of a couch; sole of the foot;

[FULGENS, FULGENTIS (GEN.), FLUGENTIOR -OR -US, FLUGENTISSIMUS -A -UM] : ADJ flashing, gleaming/glittering, resplendent; brilliant (white); bright, splendid;

[FULGENS] : flashing, illustrious.

[FULGENTER, FULGENTIUS, FLUGENTISSIME] : ADV resplendently; brilliantly; splendidly; glitteringly (l+s);

[FULGEO (FULSI )] : to flash, shine, beam.

[FULGEO, FULGERE, FULSI] : V flash, shine; glow, gleam, glitter, shine forth, be bright;

[FULGIDUS, FULGIDA, FULGIDUM] : ADJ shining, gleaming, glittering;

[FULGIDUS] : glittering.

[FULGOR, FULGORIS] : N lightening, flash; brightness, glittering; glory;

[FULGUEO, FULGUERE, FULGSI] : V glitter/flash/shine brightly, gleam; be brilliant/bright/resplendent; light up;

[FULGUO, FULGUERE, FULGSI] : V glitter/flash/shine brightly, gleam; be brilliant/bright/resplendent; light up;

[FULGUR, FULGURIS] : N lightning, flashing, brightness; (pubica ~ => things blasted by lightning);

[FULGUR] : to flash.

[FULGURATOR, FULGURATORIS] : N priest who interpreted omens from lightning;

[FULGURATUS, FULGURATA, FULGURATUM] : ADJ struck by lightening; (also of eloquance);


[FULGURO, FULGURARE, FULGURAVI, FULGURATUS] : V glitter/flash/shine brightly, gleam; light up; (impers) it lightens;

[FULICA, FULICAE] : N a water-fowl, probably the coot;

[FULIGO, FULIGINIS] : N soot; lamp-black;

[FULLO, FULLONIS] : N cloth-fuller;

[FULLONICA, FULLONICAE] : N art of fulling;

[FULMEN, FULMINIS] : N lightning, thunderbolt; crushing blow;

[FULMEN, FULMINIS] : N flash, lightning, thunderbolt;

[FULMINEUS, FULMINEA, FULMINEUM] : ADJ of lightning; destructive;

[FULMINO, FULMINARE, FULMINAVI, FULMINATUS] : V lighten; cause lightning to strike; strike like lightning;

[FULTUS, FULTA, FULTUM] : ADJ propped up; supported;

[FULTUS] : supporter.

[FULVUS, FULVA, FULVUM] : ADJ tawny, reddish yellow; yellow;


[FUMIDUS, FUMIDA, FUMIDUM] : ADJ full of smoke, smoky;

[FUMIDUS] : smoky, smoke-filled

[FUMIDUS] : smoky, smoke-filled.




[FUMIGANS, (GEN.), FUMIGANTIS] : ADJ almost extinguished;

[FUMIGIUM, FUMIGII] : N fumigation; fumigating;

[FUMIGO, FUMIGARE, FUMIGAVI, FUMIGATUS] : V smoke, fumigate; treat with/subject to smoke; produce smoke (l+s); steam;

[FUMO, FUMARE, FUMAVI] : V smoke, steam, fume, reek;

[FUMO] : to smoke, steam, reek

[FUMO] : to smoke, steam, reek.

[FUMOSUS, FUMOSA, FUMOSUM] : ADJ full of smoke, smoky, smoked;

[FUMUS, FUMI] : N smoke, steam, vapor, fume;

[FUNALE, FUNALIS] : N torch of wax or tallow soaked rope; chandelier;

[FUNAMBULUS, FUNAMBULI] : N rope-dancer;

[FUNCTIO, FUNCTIONIS] : N execution, performance, carrying out (of a task);

[FUNDA, FUNDAE] : N sling; casting net;


[FUNDAMEN, FUNDAMINIS] : N foundation;

[FUNDAMENTUM, FUNDAMENTI] : N foundation; beginning; basis;

[FUNDAMENTUM] : foundation, groundwork, basis\ bottom.

[FUNDATIO-ONIS] : f, foundation.

[FUNDATIO-ONIS] : f, foundation

[FUNDATOR] : m, founder.

[FUNDATOR] : m, founder

[FUNDIBALARIUS, FUNDIBALARII] : N slinger; (classical funditor);

[FUNDIBALUM, FUNDIBALI] : N catapult, slinging/hurling machine;

[FUNDIBALUS, FUNDIBALI] : N catapult, slinging/hurling machine;

[FUNDIBULUM, FUNDIBULI] : N catapult, slinging/hurling machine;

[FUNDIMENTUM, FUNDIMENTI] : N foundation, ground work, basis;


[FUNDITUS] : ADV utterly/completely/without exception; from the bottom/to the ground/by the root;

[FUNDITUS] : totally.

[FUNDITUS] : totally

[FUNDITUS] : utterly.

[FUNDIUS] : ADV from the very bottom; utterly, totally;

[FUNDO, FUNDARE, FUNDAVI, FUNDATUS] : V establish, found, begin; lay the bottom, lay a foundation; confirm;

[FUNDO, FUNDERE, FUDI, FUSUS] : V pour, cast (metals); scatter, shed, rout;

[FUNDO] : (milit.) to rout, scatter, defeat, put to flight.

[FUNDO] : to cast to the ground, pour forth.

[FUNDO] : to found, establish.

[FUNDO] : to pour, pour out (like molten metal), melt, cast.

[FUNDUS, FUNDI] : N farm; piece of land, estate; bottom, lowest part; foundation; an authority;

[FUNDUS] : estate.

[FUNEBRE, FUNEBRIS] : N funeral rites (pl.);

[FUNEBRIS, FUNEBRIS, FUNEBRE] : ADJ funeral, deadly, fatal; funereal;

[FUNEREUS, FUNEREA, FUNEREUM] : ADJ funereal; deadly; fatal;

[FUNERO, FUNERARE, FUNERAVI, FUNERATUS] : V to bury solemnly, inter with the funeral rites;


[FUNESTUS, FUNESTA, FUNESTUM] : ADJ deadly, fatal; sad; calamitous; destructive;

[FUNESTUS] : causing calamity, deadly.


[FUNGOR, FUNGI, -, FUNCTUS SUM] : V perform, execute, discharge (duty); be engaged in (w/abl of function);

[FUNGOR, FUNGI, FUNCTUS] : to occupy oneself, perform, do, execute.

[FUNGOR] : to

[FUNGUS, FUNGI] : N fungus, mushroom;

[FUNICULUS, FUNICULI] : N thin rope, cord, string;

[FUNICULUS] : a thin rope, cord, string.

[FUNICULUS] : a thin rope, cord, string

[FUNIS -IS] : rope, cord, line.

[FUNIS, FUNIS] : N rope; line, cord, sheet, cable; measuring-line/rope, lot (plater);

[FUNIS] : rope, cord, line

[FUNIS] : rope, cord, line.

[FUNUS, FUNERIS] : N burial, funeral; funeral rites; ruin; corpse; death;

[FUR, FURIS] : N thief, robber; robber bee; the devil (personified) (souter);

[FURAX] : inclined to steal,

[FURAX] : inclined to steal,.

[FURCA, FURCAE] : N (two-pronged) fork; prop;

[FURCA] : a fork, pitchfork / narrow pass

[FURCA] : a fork, pitchfork/ narrow pass.

[FURCIFER, FURCIFERI] : N yoke-bearer; rascal, scoundrel, gallows bird/rogue;

[FURCIFER] : rascal.

[FURCILLA, FURCILLAE] : N little fork;


[FURCILLO] : to act as a support.

[FURCILLO] : to act as a support

[FURCULA, FURCULAE] : N a forked prop; forks (pl.), a narrow pass, esp, the caudine forks;

[FURFUR, FURFURIS] : N husks of grain, bran; scaly infection of the skin;

[FURIA, FURIAE] : N frenzy, fury; rage (pl.); mad craving; furies, avenging spirits;

[FURIAE] : madness.

[FURIALIS, FURIALIS, FURIALE] : ADJ frenzied, mad; avenging;

[FURIBUNDUS, FURIBUNDA, FURIBUNDUM] : ADJ raging, mad, furious; inspired;

[FURIBUNDUS] : inspired, raging, furious.

[FURIBUNDUS] : raging, furious/ inspired.


[FURIOSUS, FURIOSA, FURIOSUM] : ADJ furious, mad, frantic, wild;

[FURIOSUS] : mad.

[FURNAX, FURNACIS] : N furnace/oven/kiln; (baths/smelting/limestone/brick); (goddess of ovens?);

[FURNUS, FURNI] : N oven, bakery;

[FURO, FURERE,] : V rave, rage; be mad/furious; be wild;

[FURO] : to rage.

[FUROR, FURARI, -, FURATUS SUM] : V steal; plunder;

[FUROR, FURORIS] : N madness, rage, fury, frenzy; passionate love;

[FUROR] : fury.

[FUROR] : madness, rage, frenzy.

[FURS, FURIS] : N thief, robber; robber bee; the devil (personified) (souter);

[FURS] : thief.


[FURTIFICUS] : thievish.

[FURTIM] : ADV stealthily, secretly; imperceptibly;

[FURTIM] : by stealth, stealthily.

[FURTIM] : by stealth.

[FURTIVUS, FURTIVA, FURTIVUM] : ADJ stolen; secret, furtive;

[FURTUM, FURTI] : N theft; trick, deception; stolen article;

[FURTUM] : theft, robbery/ furta ; stolen property / trick, deceit.

[FURTUM] : theft, robbery/ furta ; stolen property/ trick, deceit.

[FURUNCULUS, FURUNCULI] : N sneak thief, pilferer;

[FURVUS, FURVA, FURVUM] : ADJ dark-colored, black;

[FUSCINA, FUSCINAE] : N trident, three-pronged fishing spear; harpoon; weapon of retiarius gladiator;

[FUSCINA] : trident.

[FUSCINULA, FUSCINULAE] : N small three-pronged spear; fish-hook (souter); fork; fleshhook (vulgate);

[FUSCO, FUSCARE, FUSCAVI, FUSCATUS] : V darken, blacken, make dark; (intrans) become dark;

[FUSCUS, FUSCA, FUSCUM] : ADJ dark, swarthy, dusky; husky; hoarse;

[FUSILIS, FUSILIS, FUSILE] : ADJ molded; molten, fluid, liquid;

[FUSTIS, FUSTIS] : N staff club; stick;

[FUSTIS] : a club, cudgel, "life-saver," mace, staff.

[FUSTUARIUM, FUSTUARI(I)] : N death by beating (a punishment meted out to soldiers);

[FUSUS, FUSA, FUSUM] : ADJ spread out, broad, flowing;

[FUSUS, FUSI] : N spindle; (e.g., of the fates);

[FUSUS] : (from fundo) spread out, extended, wide, copious.

[FUTATIM] : abundantly, copiously.

[FUTATIM] : ADV abundantly;

[FUTILIS, FUTILIS, FUTILE] : ADJ vain; worthless;

[FUTILIS] : worthless, fruitless, pointless, brittle, good for nothing.

[FUTTILIS, FUTTILIS, FUTTILE] : ADJ vain; worthless;

[FUTUO, FUTUERE, FUTUI, FUTUTUS] : V have sexual relations with (a woman); (rude);

[FUTURUS, FUTURA, FUTURUM] : ADJ about to be; future;

[FUTURUS] : -a, -um, absurd

[FUTUTIO] : to copulate, have intercourse, have sex.

[FUTUTRIX] : she who copulates.

[FYLACTERIUM, FYLACTERII] : N amulet; phylactery, scripture text in box on forehead of jews; gladiator medal; W:

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