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Hanotel, Philippo - Amoris Dei Pro Nobis Crucifixi..... A book with a mystery!!!
1666 - Duaci, Baltazaris Belleri. 4"x 2" 267 pages + Notes. Text in Latin Vellum binding. Pages have very slight browning. Slight wear from normal use. Binding excellent. The cover is apparently re-used from another vollume! There is a small tear on the inside of the back cover that reveals writing! I truly have no idea what this text is! (see pic 3 above) Notes include a section on The Imitation of Christ - by St. Thomas a' Kempis. Book condition: VG. Book # 1004
Price: US $350.00

Razzi, Silvano - Vite de Santi e Beati Toscani
1593 - Fiorenza Iacopo Giunti. 887 pages. Text in Italian. 1st edition. Slight foxing. Slight staining on first pages of preface. Professionally rebound (appears to be within the last 100 years). Binding excellent. Book condition: VG. Book # 1002
Price: US$ 750.00

Magni,Alberti(Albertus Magnus) - Compendium Theologicae Veritatis
1588 - Apud Ioan, Antonium Rampazettum. 32mo. 765 pages +Index & Notes. Text in Latin. Vellum Binding. Slight staining on outer edge of pages. Binding excellent. Pages excellent. No worming. No foxing. Own a true piece of history by the man known as "the Great", and " Doctor Universalis" most noteably the mentor of Thomas Aquinas! Book condition: Excellent! Book # 1003
Price: US $900.00 SOLD!!!!

Aquinas, Thomas - Summa Theologica:
1632 Peter Chevalier (Paris) 'Summa Theologica' by St. Thomas Aquinas. Folio. Over 1200 pages in one volume includes Ia, Ia-IIae, IIa-IIae, IIIa, Suppl., Numerous Appendices (including schema, catechism and various references). Very rare. Beautiful frontispiece. Very slight browning. Minimal worming. Minimal staining. Slight staining around outside edges.Professionally rebound (appears to be within the last 150 years). Binding excellent. Book condition: F/VG. Book # 1001
Price: US$ 5000.00

Antonius, S (?) - Magica de Spectris
1650(?). 636 pages. Text in Latin. Vellum. No discoloration or wear on pages. Binding tight. Cover off. A History of Various Specter and Demons. Unfortunately the title page is missing so I can only give details based on my best guess. The book appears to be from the mid 1600's. I do not know where the book was printed. The plate of S.Antonius has a great deal of symbolism to accent this interesting book. Book condition: Good. Book # 1005
Price: US $150.00 SOLD!!!!

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